April 25, 2019

Money Mondays: 5 Easy Ways to Secure an Apartment on a Budget

Written by: Sage SingletonSage Singleton   Whether you live alone, with a partner, or share with multiple roommates, it’s important for your apartment to feel safe. However, because renters typically can’t have wired security systems or elaborate devices drilled into the walls, you have to get creative with securing your apartment.   Luckily, you don’t have to own your space or have a big budget to boost your apartment’s security. The following are a few inexpensive and easy ways you […]

How to Build Storage for Your Survival/Prepping Gear

Written by Scott Huntington Having prepping or survival gear can save your life in the event of a disaster or apocalypse. However, it’s not ideal if you’re forever tripping over your supplies, especially if you live in an apartment or other small space. Having sufficient storage for your gear is essential. Not only will it keep your equipment out from underfoot, but it will also make it easier to find a specific item when you need it. Here are some […]

5 Basic Survival Skills for Kids Under 10 Years Old

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I read the story about the two young girls, age 5 and 8  who survived in the woods for two nights in the woods until they got rescued. These two girls had their wits about them and used what they learned in 4H survival training.  When rescuers found them they were dehydrated and felt cold but were healthy and safe overall. This story reminded me that it’s never too early to teach survival […]

5 Important Survival Skills You Need to Bug Out Successfully

Guest post by Peter Betts, The Survival Hacks Outdoor survival skills are not commonly taught, but they can potentially save your life especially during disasters. Imagine being forced out of your home due to tornadoes, floods or floods, you and your loved ones have no choice but to bug out for at least a week seeking external shelter. However, knowing the right survival skills is equally critical, as well as having the right survival gear. It’s often the case that […]

Money Mondays: 5 Ways Your Public Library Can Help You Save Money

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com I have to admit I had not visited our local public library for several months. I went to the library a few days ago and I was surprised at the new services that were recently added. I liked it so much I spent the entire afternoon perusing everything. The library can save you money in a lot of ways, besides just borrowing books or reading magazines. Learn a Skill Sometimes, it’s better to […]

15 Foods That Last Forever

  Editor’s note:  Today we have a post by my fellow blogger Linda who writes Food Storage Moms. Spoilage is a constant issue with food storage, but it’s good to know there are foods that last a lifetime. 15 Foods That Last Forever Written by Linda Loosli This articled first appeared in Food Storage Moms Food Storage Moms When you are on your food storage journey you may want to add these 15 foods to your stash that last forever. […]

10 Emergency Uses for Rubber Bands

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com My Dad always keeps rubber bands, and he often has a couple around his wrist when working around the house. This got me thinking that rubber bands have a lot of uses and can come in handy in an emergency. Open a jar The other day I was having a hard time opening a jar of mayonnaise. The lid was just so slippery and I was worried I’d accidentally break the jar before […]

How To Be Prepared For A Disaster When Also Being A Minimalist

Written by Andrés Berte Sandy. Katrina. Hazel. What do these three names have in common? They are the names of previous natural disasters. Before the occurrences of said catastrophes, there were always people scrambling around trying to prepare themselves for these kinds of events, and after the catastrophes, individuals and society as a whole do what they can to stabilize the environment. While disasters are the main point of issues, the problem also lies in inefficient prepping. When done properly, […]

Money Mondays: What’s in Your Ground Beef?

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com You may remember back in 2012 when ABC news reported on lean, finely textured beef” and called it “pink slime.” There was a lot of backlash about it.  People were outraged, meats containing the product were pulled from shelves and several food companies disavowed the use of it. According to Food and Wine, the manufacturer, Beef Products, Inc, BPI, sued ABC news for lost income due to bad publicity resulting from the derogatory […]

Food Storage for Special Diets

A lot of readers wonder how to store foods when someone in the family is on a special diet. Diabetes and high blood pressure are common conditioners that cause restrictions on food choices. People with food allergies also have to be selective on food. “Store what you eat and eat what you store” is something we all need to remember when choosing emergency foods to stock up. This podcast from James Walton who runs Prepperbroadcasting.com and has guest posted on […]

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