October 14, 2017

Meals in a Jar

This week I read through Meals in a Jar Quick and Easy, Just-Add-Water, Homemade Recipes by Julie Languille. The book covers everything you would need to have in order to prepare all the ingredients needed to have “just add water” meals in your pantry.  It also gives step by step instructions on how to assemble, and finally, cook the meals you have stored. With my schedule, I am always interested in having ingredients on hand to make quick meals.  Pre-packaged […]

Homemade MREs

Editor’s note:  Today we are happy to feature a guest blog post from From Julie Languille, Author of The Prepper’s Pantry and the soon to be released Meals in a Jar: Quick and Easy, Just-Add-Water, Homemade Recipes Thanks, Apartment Prepper, for inviting me to write a guest post about Homemade MREs. I am passionate about food storage and my first book, The Prepper’s Pantry  is all about setting up food storage with both a deep larder of long term storage […]