January 21, 2017

Not for the Squeamish: Testing a Toilet Alternative for Bugging Out-Part 2

May 22, 2011 aptprepper 3

My last post discussed possible alternatives for dealing with liquid waste while trying to bug out without having to stop.  We found this item online that is used by campers but I never heard of it before and would not recommend an item unless I’ve seen it work. The box came with 18 disposable urinals, hand wipes and tissues. To use, unroll one of the disposable urinals, do #1 into it, fitting the funnel like opening directly underneath.  For this […]

Not for the Squeamish: Toilet Alternatives for Bugging Out-Part 1

May 20, 2011 aptprepper 4

Close to a year ago, while we were focused on building our home preparedness items, I wrote about toilet paper substitutes in Not for the Squeemish-Toilet Paper Substitutes .   These days we are focusing on “bug out” supplies.  I started to consider what would happen if you had to leave town in a hurry, in the middle of the night, and could not stop for a long time.  Or, what if you are stuck in traffic and someone in the […]