April 7, 2018

What Spooked Me this Halloween

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Many families have some kind of Halloween tradition, and ours is Scary Movie Night.  There are certain movies we like to see year after year.  One of my favorites from when the kids were little, is Hocus Pocus, with just right amount of scare but not so much as to give the kids nightmares.  As an adult, I’ve always been creeped out by “It,” having read the Steven King book and watched the […]

One More Thing to Worry About

As I was switching radio channels yesterday, a story caught my attention.  The report mentioned that infrastructure industries such as electricity, water and other utilities are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attack.  I didn’t catch all the details so I checked  the Web and found:  “Study:  Threats to Critical Infrastructure Worse that Ever” I didn’t really want to find yet another thing to worry about, but not wanting to know about such things won’t change anything.  It would be quite a […]