October 15, 2017

Is Technology Dumbing Down our Kids?

My pre-teen nieces and nephews no longer play with regular toys, they only want apps or games for their Ipads.   When they visit, they are usually glued to their screens.   I worry what long term effects this has on our youth; how it may affect their adaptability and safety.  I ran across this article and thought it brings up good points.  So I am posting it with permission. Is Technology Dumbing Down our Kids? by Joseph Mack This post originally […]

I was a Guest on Prepper Recon Podcast

Just a quick post today, I am on Prepper Recon Podcast.  Had a great conversation with Mark Goodwin, who runs the podcast. Check it out at http://prepperrecon.com/prepping-kids/     © Apartment Prepper 2014 Please click here to vote for me at Top Prepper Websites!