May 13, 2020

Wine and Liquor for Emergency Storage

This post is by Bernie Carr, Alcohol is often mentioned in preparedness and survival discussions.  Many experts recommend storing bottles in your emergency supplies. Why include alcoholic beverages for storage? Wine has health benefits Wine can be used for cooking and can be fermented into vinegar Hard liquor can be used for disinfecting, due to the high alcohol content. Alcohol can also be used as pain relief, when there is no anesthesia around Alcohol can help fuel a fire. […]

Bartering For Preppers

Bartering for Preppers is a Guest Post by Robert Creech As everyone who engages in some form of prepping knows, it’s expensive. Most of us will never have all of the gear and resources we want, instead we prioritize and get by with what we can. However I’ve found that many people are leaving money on the table, so to speak, because they have skills (and maybe resources) that they aren’t fully utilizing. Yes, I’m talking about bartering. You have […]

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