October 27, 2017

Off-Grid for 48 Hours

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Right before school started we decided to try being off grid and unplugged from all electrical devices for 48 hours.  Being connected all the time, I was a little apprehensive about not being able to check on the blog and being out of reach.  But I thought this would be a good opportunity to test our preps and ourselves. What it was like to be off-grid for 48 hours Our destination was remote […]

10 Biggest Bug Out Bag Mistakes

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com When I started being interested in preparedness, I read everything I could in books and blogs to find out what I need to do.  For the purpose of this article, the bug out bag is the one you will take with you to get out of your home in a disaster, not knowing if you are coming back anytime soon. I had the strong desire to prepare all at once, and as soon […]

Portable Stove Road Test

I had posted about assembling this backpacking stove a while ago (see Backpacking Stove Test http://wp.me/p1dmhM-pB).  At the time, we tested it on our kitchen counter (with the windows wide open due to possible fumes) to make sure it turned on properly and it did. We chose this model because we wanted reliability, portability, a wide pan rest that can fit a good-sized pot and the ability to use about 3 types of fuel.   The comments in the article I […]