October 18, 2017

Higher Gas Prices Looming

Gas prices seemed to increase almost daily this past week.  Iran’s threats of blocking the Strait of Hormuz, through which about 20% of the world’s oil supply goes through is causing instability in the market.  Texas has some of the lower gas prices, but even we’re seeing some drastic increases, causing a drain on the pocketbook. A firm  that tracks gasoline prices, GasBuddy has predicted gas prices will be over $4.00/gallon before Memorial Day 2012.  For our area, it can […]

Coping with High Gasoline Prices

I should have filled up the tank yesterday.  But I was tired and decided to wait one day.  When I pulled up to the gas station, the price had just increased by an additional $0.20 a gallon.  It was the same over at the next block, so there was not much of a choice. All over the country, people are cringing as they see gas prices rapidly increasing.  I won’t tell you to go out and buy a more fuel […]