March 22, 2020

Expiration Dates Explained

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When dealing with with food storage, we always check expiration dates and try to get the furthest expiration date possible.  But product dates can get confusing, as various descriptions appear in different types of food.

Difference between “Best By,”  “Sell by,” “Use by” or just plain “Expiration Date”

Here’s a handy infographic from Kitchen Sanity ( that helps sort it out:

food expiration dates infographic
For more information on expiration dates, check out these articles:
There are definitely a lot of considerations when it comes to deciding whether to keep or toss.   I’ve also seen foods, especially dairy that have gone bad even before the expiration date is reached.  If you see, smell, taste food that seems bad, just get rid of it.  I prefer to be cautious in this regard.  “When in doubt, throw it out.” is a safe bet.
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