12 Household Items that have First Aid Uses

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

In case of an injury, you should have a well stocked first aid kit. But in case you or someone you know gets hurt without a first aid kit nearby, it’s good to know there are a few household items that can be used in an emergency.

1. Sanitary napkins and tampons – The individually wrapped sanitary napkins and tampons are actually good to keep in a first aid kit. They can be used as a makeshift bandage for wounds.

2. Elmer’s Glue or Shoe Goo – These types of glues can be used to remove a sliver. Place a drop over the sliver and let it dry. Once it is dry, pry it off and the sliver should come off with it.

3. Super Glue – For a minor wound, super glue can be used to seal a cut. Clean the wound and spread a thin layer of super glue on the cut, being careful NOT to get any glue inside the wound. It can cause some skin irritation. (Note: The glue manufacturers do not recommend this use for their product, as there are medical versions available. But we’re talking about when there is nothing else around and no medical help is available. Do your own research and use your best judgement)

4. Duct tape – Duct tape can be used to care for blisters: cover the blister with gauze, then cover it with duct tape. Don’t let the duct tape touch the blister, just the gauze. You can also wrap duct tape around a sprained ankle to give it some support. If you have a cut and no adhesive bandages, use duct tape over a clean gauze (or use that sanitary napkin or tampon) to secure it in place. Just don’t place the duct tape directly over the wound.

5. Non-sudsing ammonia – A half water, half ammonia mixture can be used to relieve insect bites

6. Liquid dish soap – with some water, use to clean cuts. Or, freeze dish soap in a ziplock bag and use it as an ice pack.

7. Credit card, driver’s license or other hard plastic cards – You can use a card to remove a bee’s stinger: Scrape across the skin towards the tip of the stinger; this way it comes out the way it came in. Rinse with water.

8.  Wooden ruler – use as a splint by wrapping around the injured are with a scarf, belt or bandanna.  Similarly, popsicle sticks can be used as finger splints.

9.  Honey – has many first aid uses, use it as a remedy for burns by spreading it directly on the burn and cover with a soft cloth or gauze. Honey is also used to disinfect wounds and ease a sore throat.

10. Oatmeal – An oatmeal bath can ease skin rashes from poison ivy and other skin irritations from chicken pox, sun burn or eczema. Place oatmeal in a fine mesh bag or cutup pantyhose and seal, place in a tub and fill with warm water. Soak in the oatmeal bath, and run the bag of oatmeal across the irritated area for some relief.

11.  Meat tenderizer – Meat tenderizer can be used to relieve itch and pain from bee or wasp stings, non-poisonous spider bits and mosquito bites.  That’s because meat tenderizer contains papain, which breaks down proteins (thus tenderizing meat) as well as toxins from insect bits.  NOTE:  If you are allergic to bees, have difficulty breathing, dizziness or nausea following a bug bite, seek a doctor’s help as soon as possible.

12.  Peppermint candy – One of my co-workers told me they never stocked Pesto-Bismol at home when she was growing up.  Her mom just told her to eat a piece of peppermint candy whenever she had an a stomach ache.   We figured it works because mint is known to soothe minor stomach upset as well as nausea.  (However if you are pregnant or nursing, peppermint oil is not advisable – check with your doctor before trying home remedies like this.)




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