5 More Risks You Need to Watch for Besides COVID-19

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

Just a quick post today to discuss some risks we all need to be aware of, in addition to COVID-19. This year has certainly provided a lot of challenges and threats. As we have passed the halfway mark of the year, there are plenty more risks to watch out for.

Severe weather

Several states are experiencing severe weather.

From Colorado to Virginia, severe storms are bringing damage and even death.  These storms bring large hail, dangerous winds and can also cause the formation of tornadoes.

If you live in states threatened by severer weather, get your power outage supplies ready.

And let’s not forget the huge African dust cloud that is enveloping many areas, and causing bad air quality and respiratory distress.  As an allergy sufferer, I’ve experienced the miserable symptoms – watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throat caused by the dust cloud, and not to be confused with COVID-19 symptoms. Fortunately, the large swath of dust and smoke is only temporary.

Excessive heat

I read on the news about a hiker in the Grand Canyon who died from heat related affliction. According to the AZ Central:

The woman’s husband and a friend told park officials she became dizzy, disoriented, and then stopped breathing after hiking about 4 miles down the trail. The cause of death is believed to be heat-related, according to the news release.

It’s summer, and warm weather is to be expected, but people who have longed to be outdoors due to the lockdowns may put themselves in danger from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Watch out for symptoms of heat stroke symptoms or heat exhaustion.  They include dizziness, confusion, high temperature, hot skin and not sweating, and can lead to unconsciousness and even death.  Drink a lot of water and seek shade or shelter if you or someone you know is starting to feel distress.

Water dangers

Just this past week, three members of one family died within minutes of each other. According to Fox News, an eight year old girl, her mom and uncle died in an above ground pool in New Jersey.

Each summer, a number of boating accidents and drownings occur as people spend more time near pools, beaches, lakes or rivers.

Riots and civil unrest

Violent confrontations are still occurring in many cities across the country.

The number one way you can protect yourself is to get yourself out of there. Find the quickest and safest way out of the area.

Peaceful protests, even with the best intentions can escalate and turn violent all of a sudden. Large crowds can also be a risk factor. You might want to reconsider 4th of July plans, for example, if it involves being in an area that can potentially turn dangerous.

Random attacks

A breaking news report indicated a shooting occurred at a Walmart distribution center in Red Bluff, California, with two victims dead and two wounded. The suspect rammed a vehicle into the building and proceeded to start shooting.

A terrorist related stabbing at an English town caused the death of three people who were just sitting at a park.

While there is no way to predict these unfortunate incidents, there are a certain habits to adopt to help increase the odds of survival.


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