5 Sneaky Storage Spaces for Supplies in a Small Apartment

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

One of the biggest challenges in preparing for emergencies in an apartment is finding storage space.  You also need spaces to hide things away from prying eyes.

Here are a few sneaky storage ideas I’ve tried myself, or sent in by readers:

Over the door shoe organizer

You don’t necessarily have to use it for shoes: Store extra reserves such as bottled water, food, toilet paper and power outage needs such as batteries, flashlights, etc. in an over the door shoe organizer.  You can have several in your apartment to store items you have stocked up.  Another great space saver is a hanging shelf.

Nesting spaces

Use spaces within items you already have such as empty pots or suitcases. For example, store first aid supplies in rarely used pots in your kitchen cabinet.  If you were to cut or burn yourself in the kitchen you can easily reach your first aid kit.

Underneath furniture

Place a piece of cardboard or plywood under your bed.  Place canned goods, rolls or toilet paper, water bottles on the surface so you can easily pull out what you need without having to reach in.

Use a larger size table cloth over your dining table and hide boxes under the table.

Hide them in plain sight

Candles are decorative but you can use them in a blackout.  Make sure you have matches nearby.

Tap lights under counters and on your nightstand are also handy in a power outage.

Place supplies in boxes that are labeled with normal sounding names such as “Winter clothes,”  “Old toys” etc.

Furniture with storage capacity

If you are shopping for furniture or decorative items, choose ones that have storage within them, such as this coffee tableottoman, 

secret book safe.

Finding spaces to hide supplies can be challenging, but you can easily overcome this with a little creativity.  What are your favorite hiding spots?  Please share in the comments!



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  1. This was a smack my head moment for me. I utilize the space under our bed, but it never occured to me to put down cardboard to make it easier to retrieve needed items. Thank you!

  2. That carboard idea is great!Being a senior I have to write down where I hide everything or I’ll be the one who’s in deep trouble when I urgently need something.
    I’m used to giving the boxes a name in my mother tongue, which is not English, so unless they understand this, it won’t mean a thing to most of the people.

    1. Hi Shufai, That is a great idea, naming the boxes in a different language that most people would not understand. Glad you like the cardboard idea. Thanks for the comment!

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