6 DIY PVC Survival Prep Projects You Can Store in Your Apartment

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Written by Mark Ligon

Survival prepping can get complicated if you live in an apartment. With limited space for storage and almost no outdoor options, you have to get creative.

Fortunately, there is an affordable and simple option to create compact survival prep projects—PVC pipe.

PVC pipe is compact and can fit in any drawer, closet, beneath beds, and even under the couch. It’s also lightweight, durable, waterproof, and easy to carry.

You can create your own survival cache, mini waterproof storage containers, and large storage buckets for food and crucial survival items. You can also create other important survival tools, like a periscope, a fishing pole, and a water canteen.

Read on to discover six DIY PVC projects you can prepare on a budget and easily store in your apartment.

PVC Cache or Survival Kit

A survival cache (or survival kit) is a small storage container for necessities in case of dangerous situations. They’re meant to be stored where you can find them but nobody else will look.

PVC caches are small and can be stored almost anywhere, from under the bed or couch to in a drawer. Plus, since they look like just a piece of PVC pipe, they’re inconspicuous!

To make your own PVC cache, you’ll need:

3” schedule 40 PVC pipe (12” length)

3” PVC slip cap

3” PVC female adapter

3” PVC threaded plug

PVC cement

A PVC cache is extremely simple to assemble. First, double check that your pieces fit snugly together—attach the slip cap on one side and the female adapter on the other end.

Then, spread the PVC cement around the outside of one pipe end. Add some cement onto the inside of the slip cap as well. Fit the pieces together and turn them slightly so the cement spreads out. Let it sit for about a minute.

Next, do the same for the adapter, taking care NOT to cement the plug. (That’s your opening into the cache.)

Once it’s dry, you’re ready to store your supplies! Store your smallest, most vital items, like small flashlights, bandages, medicine, disinfectants, a lighter, and a Swiss army knife.

DIY PVC Fishing Pole

A PVC fishing pole is useful in two ways: not only will you be able to fish for survival, but you can also store all of your fishing supplies right inside the pole!

To assemble your fishing rod, just drill a hole on one end of a PVC pipe and secure your fishing line. You can attach a slip cap to the other end so you can store bait, line, and hooks in the pole. In an emergency situation, it’s just grab-and-go!

Waterproof Backpack Storage

In a disaster situation, the last thing you want to be doing is digging through a disorganized backpack. You can use PVC pipe to create individual, waterproof storage containers to keep your supplies separate and organized.

Just cut your PVC pipe down into small pieces and attach slip caps on the ends. You can label your storage containers and slide them down into your backpack or emergency bag. This maximizes your storage space.

You can also create a PVC toolkit the same way—cut the PVC pipe to the size you need, store your tools in it, and attach slip caps to both ends to hold your tools securely.

PVC Bucket or Storage Container

PVC containers don’t have to be small. With large diameter PVC pipes and caps to fit each end, you can create larger PVC buckets to store items around the apartment, keeping everything clean and organized and helping you prepare for any disaster.

These waterproof storage containers can be stored anywhere—even outside on your balcony, and can store food, tools, dog food, or anything you need protected but out of the way.

When an emergency does strike, you’ll be able to grab the bucket and take it with you wherever you go, even out in the wilderness.

PVC Periscope

A periscope is likely to come in handy in any emergency situation. You’ll be able to crouch behind walls and peer around corners to see what’s coming before it sees you.

To make a DIY PVC pipe periscope, you’ll need one piece of PVC pipe (cut into a two-foot piece and a six-inch piece), one elbow piece, one coupling, and a slip cap, along with a hacksaw, wire cutters, and adhesive.

Glue one mirror into the outside curve of the elbow piece, attach it to the shorter PVC pipe, then use the coupling to attach the short PVC piece to the long piece. Then you’ll make a 45-degree cut on the other end of the long piece, attaching the mirror into the angled cut. Finally, you’ll attach a slip cap to the end. Check out the video tutorial here.

PVC Pipe Watering Canteen

PVC offers more than just storage for materials. You can also use it to store drinking water!

All you need is a foot-long PVC pipe and two slip caps. Make sure to clean and disinfect all the pieces. Then, just attach one cap, fill the pipe with water, and close it off with the other cap. You can toss it in your bag so you have clean drinking water with you in a disaster.

To make it fancier, you can even drill a hole in one end and attach a faucet so you don’t have to deal with removing the cap when you need water!

PVC: The All-in-One Prepping Tool for Small Spaces

With a few PVC pipes and accessories, you’ll be well on your way to survival prepping that you can store in your apartment. Any of these projects can fit easily into the smallest of spaces.

The best part is that PVC pipe offers endless DIY possibilities. Once you tackle a few projects on this list, you’ll be ready to expand your DIY survival prep skills and start designing your own projects!

About the author:

Mark Ligon is the Marketing Manager at PVCFittingsOnline.com, a leading supplier of PVC pipe, fittings, valves, plumbing supply, and more. Mark enjoys working on projects around his home and providing advice to individuals looking to complete DIY projects of their own.

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