A Review of No Rinse Personal Care Products

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No Rinse Personal Care ProductsI received an assortment of No Rinse personal care products for review.  No Rinse is a line of “waterless” personal care products, hair care, body wash, bathing wipes etc. It is made by CleanLife Products LLC, which has been in business since 1948.  No Rinse has been used by NASA, military personnel, hospitals, home health agencies, and for disaster relief.

The Test

To properly test No Rinse, I skipped taking a shower on a Saturday, then again on Sunday.  I also went on a 45 minute run on both days.  It was not a super hot day, but it was muggy.  After the Sunday run, I got very sweaty and really needed a shower.

I tried the No Rinse shampoo first, on sweaty, slightly matted hair. If you’ve ever colored your hair, using hair dye on dry hair, you will know what this feels like.  Not quite soaked but wet and very slightly sudsy.  It does not lather up like shampoo.   I have straight, course hair and I worked the No Suds through the scalp to the ends of my hair.  Then I towel dried.   After the hair dried it still felt just a tad heavier and not as clean as water rinsed hair, but it was fresh smelling and better than unwashed hair.   If I water was scarce, I am sure I would appreciate being able to clean my hair this way.

Next, I tried the body wash.  According to the instructions, you can apply the wash directly to your skin or use a washcloth.  I did not really want to be spilling liquid so I did the wash cloth method.

No Rinse2

I used the No Rinse in the wash cloth and wiped the entire right side of my body.  The body wash had a pleasant smell, like a “powder fresh” type scent, but not overly strong.  I have a sensitive nose and tend to get allergies from strong smells but this scent did not bother me.  After I finished my right side, I did a self check.  My skin felt clean and there was no sweaty smell.

I tried the wipes on the left side.  Again, the result was good.  The scent was fresh and the wipes cleaned the skin very well.

I had the kids try the antibacterial foam and they liked it a lot.   Kids of all ages get germy, and the foaminess encourages them to clean their hands.

All in all I consider the No Rinse test a success.  Being able to stay clean in an emergency protects your health as well as helps maintain morale.  Consider keeping a supply of No Rinse in the car for long drives, in the emergency kit and the bug out bag.  No Rinse products can be purchased from distributors or from the No Rinse Amazon Store.



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  1. Sounds like a great prep to add. I hate not being able to be clean. Especially my hair, I have long hair and hate when it’s dirty.

    1. I’m with you there JL-I cannot stand when my hair gets oily and itchy! Thanks for the comment.

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