ALTAI Tactical Boot – Review

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

We got an opportunity to try out the new ALTAI MF Tactical Boot.

What are ALTAI MF Tactical Boots?

They are lightweight boots that are built to be sturdy and comfortable at the same time.  They are water resistant and have non-slip soles.

Here is the box they came in.

ALTAI BOXALTAI Open BoxConstruction

The upper portion of the boot is made with “Superfabric” which is a breathable material that is sturdy and durable at the same time.

Here is a closer look:

ALTAI Boot closeupThe out soles are made from Vibram, a long lasting material that prevents slipping in rough terrains.


Here is Mr Apt Prepper’s review:

When I first saw the boots, they appeared really different from any hiking boots I’ve owned.  I am used to the leather uppers and I felt unused to the fabric.  But they look well constructed and I was interested in testing them out.


I hiked around in these boots for several hours and found them to be comfortable and light-weight.   My feet felt a bit warm after a while but the material was breathable so they did not feel overheated.

Water Resistant

I walked around while it was raining, through puddles and mud, and water did not penetrate the boots.  I hosed it down to get rid of the mud, and the boots continued to keep my feet dry inside.

ALTAI BOOTS IN the rainTraction

The soles have a good tread and you can tell with each step that the boots have traction with surfaces, whether wet or dry, even or uneven.


These boots are quite flexible and do not pinch or hurt while giving some good foot support.  I did not get any blisters or chaffing, even when “breaking them in.”

ALTAI FLEXIBILITYWhat can be improved?

If I had to be picky about something, it would be that the boots only comes in one style and one color.  They have a look of police or military type footwear, that I normally would only wear for hiking or outdoor work.  However, I did find out that the company will soon be adding more styles in a few months.

Overall, the boot itself is well-made and the price is reasonable as compared to other similar boots.  It’s a great pair to have in case you ever need to walk out of the city, or for if you just need some sturdy, comfortable boots for everyday use.

ALTAI Tactical boots are available through the ALTAI Gear website or through Amazon

Notes about Sizing

For men:  The sizes run large, so if you normally wear a size 10, choose half a size smaller and buy the 9 1/2.  Even with thick wool socks, the smaller half size fit well.

For women, it is suggested that the size ordered should be a full size smaller than the stated boot size.  So if you normally wear a size 8, order the ALTAI Tactical boot in a size 7.

Now for the Giveaway!

ALTAI MF Tactical Boots giving away one pair of boots to a lucky winner.  To enter, please post a comment below regarding:

Do you feel there is a possibility you may have to walk out of the city in a disaster?  How are you preparing for this?

The winner* will be chosen at a random “Pick a Giveaway Winner” drawing on Friday,  April 25th at 8 pm Central.  *Winner will be notified via email.  Winner must reply to email notification within 48 hours or another winner will be drawn.

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  1. Do you feel there is a possibility you may have to walk out of the city in a disaster? How are you preparing for this?
    I think my husband would have to walk home from his job if a disaster occurred. He works very close to the downtown area, and traffic is always congested, but if there were a weather problem that shut bridges, tunnels, and the L; he would have no choice but to walk or fight thousands for a hotel room. I am trying to prepare for this by keeping his car stocked with water, granola bars, and a change of sturdy clothes (not his fancy work clothes). He needs a new pair of boots, thanks for the chance to win!

  2. This is something that I think about often. I am most concerned about being at work if something bad happens and I cannot use my car to get home. Fortunately, I am within walking distance of a major bike trail that goes past my home HOWEVER the walk home would take hours to do. I am in good shape but still, the time element is a concern. I have contemplated getting sturdy rollerskates (like the ones I see Cesar Milan wear to exercise his dogs) and safety gear to basically get home faster. I would need to practice as I am now in my early 40’s and have not been on rollerskates in a very long time. I am not sure what my other options would be. Also, being female and somewhat petite, walking for hours alone could be dangerous. I dont think there is a way to store a small bike in my car–biking home would be the best way–and somebody could easily steal the bike from me, which makes me think rollerskates would be an option. The bike trail is paved and smooth.

    I am relatively new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it!

  3. We’re in the suburbs but there is still a likely necessity to walk out of the area depending on the event. We have a couple directions to go so the planning includes our bags and equipment, as well as logistics of doing it like paper map backups of routes/destinations and some real-life practice of actually trying to walk out with packs.

  4. The thought of having to walk is something that terrifies me any time that “prepping” comes up. We as a family are NOT prepared to bug out on foot. My husband is active duty in the US military, and does have a pair of combat boots that were issued to him. The problem with combat boots is they’re deigned for sand and soft terrain. On cement and pavement, they are worthless. The soles wear within months. To better prepare, we do need a pair of heavy duty walking boots. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  5. We don’t really feel there is a possibility that we may have to walk out of town but you never know. We do have bug out bags ready though.

  6. Yes will have some walking to do . And a good pair of boots is going to be needed very bad . I have to hike to the river where I have a small boat hid . And I will need a great boot . Your boot looks like its just what I need ..

  7. I have thought about the possibility of having to walk out of a bad situation in my neighborhood or town. My family and I have plans to meetup at a halfway point then go from there to a BOL. I considered using a bicycle for as long as possible {until someone tried to take it from me}. My main focus has been reducing my gear to be more lightweight, learning foraging and learning skills to make survival that much more likely.

  8. The idea of having to walk out of town is a real possibility for me. Luckily I live close to the mountains and me and my family could head to the hills in an emergency situation. I keep a bug out bag for each family member ready along with rifle and ammo. These boots would be great to have to hike through the hills.

  9. It is a possibility for us, though I hope it wouldn’t come to that. We live in the flat, empty, corn field-y midwest where there is little cover or shelter. We also have a baby due in May.

  10. Yes I do think we might have to! To that end I am walking daily to build endurance. Love the giveaway and info you gave about it.

  11. The city I live in is so crowded that I know if there was a disaster I would have to walk. I almost have to walk as it is, with just normal traffic. Thankfully I live close to the mountains, and I could always go up there.

  12. I feel I could definitely be faced with the obstacle of walking out of the city during a disaster. I live on the Gulf Coast where we’ve battled many hurricanes – including a couple that have changed paths at the last second. Of course the plan is to evacuate way ahead of time, but there are obstacles to face during evacuation also. During hurricanes trees fall and roadways become blocked, rendering most cars useless. I feel I should definitely be prepared to be able to walk out the city during the most likely disaster that a hurricane could cause.

  13. I don’t live in a city anymore….thank goodness. I did recently learn, the hard way, the importance of having good shoes for a long walk. I wore old, ill-fitting hiking boots and suffered with the hugest, most painful blister ever. Good shoes are a must.

  14. If some sort of disaster ever occurs in/near the city my boyfriend and i live in (which is very probable, seeing as we live across the river from a huge, heavily populated city), we would most likely have to evacuate by foot. This would be due to the fact that not only do we not own a vehicle, but we don’t know many people that do or live close enough for it to matter. Because of this, we have altered our bug out bags to be more portable and have planned several escape plans and routes, in case a disaster does ever befall our area. We have even planned who we would take with us, and who we would search for and rescue if need be. And of course, we’ve chosen a destination (a family member’s farm – although it is far, it is secluded, expansive, and livestock can be found nearby). The farm is an hour away when driving, therefore walking there would be quite the mission. That’s why these boots would come in handy – and since the soles on my previous pair of boots were damaged, these boots would certainly be convenient to own.

  15. I live in the rural hills of Kentucky, but work in our small town, so it is very possible that I would have to walk the 8 miles home. I’m preparing by entering this contest, I really need these great boots!

  16. I live near Chicago and I may have to walk home if my auto is not working. I have a bug out bag and maps within.

  17. I think walking might be the faster and safer way to get somewhere. I would like the boots for my husband he is a disabled veteran and he has knee issues so light weight and sturdy would he very helpful. My kids and I take daily walks with most of our gear on to strengthen ourselves. With good boots my husband might be able to join us.

  18. In case of bugout on foot we have been hiking the trails out of our area with our Bob to see what we need to look at weight wise and to build up stamina.

  19. I do not live in a city anymore, moved to a small town in Mississippi. Now I have prepared to have to walk to a friends house 30 miles away as the last ditch effort. I have boots, but they don’t fit me very well. It is very hard to find shoes that fit me. Took me years just to find a shoe, will probably never find a boot. My shoe size is 15b. Shoes are expensive, boots are astronomical for me. The boots I have were a knock off of boots from Vietnam.

  20. Nice looking boot! I also like that it’s not made with leather which appeals to my vegetarian side. Good review, I always worry about having to break in a boot and since I live on the edge of a city, I would be walking into the mountains for protection, nice to know I could put them on and go without worry.

  21. This is a HUGE issue for me. I live in a relatively large city, as is, and live super close to a major city in the US (Cincinnati, OH is literally right across the river from me – I can look out of my bedroom window and see the stadiums and my windows shake from fireworks from the games there) With this many people, a quick evacuation could be a very big ordeal for me. I have the Ohio river to the north, and the Licking River to me west. I fear that I may have to go down on to the banks to travel as far away from main roads as possible. Also, if you weren’t aware, northern KY (which is specifically where I live) is quite hilly. I blow through shoes left and right from wear and tear, and in a SHTF scenario, this is a major problem. I am surrounded by woods as well – it seems I have the harshest of environments for footwear, as well as our hellacious winters.

  22. I live in the country but work in the city. My love is also in the city, but we’re always eager to get back to our animals and comforts of home. We’d go wherever we’re needed most though for friends and family. My girl is my preparedness kit. She is a virtual Swiss Army knife. Where she goes, I go.

  23. “Do you feel there is a possibility you may have to walk out of the city in a disaster? How are you preparing for this?”

    I live fairly close to a military base where they do some pretty heinous stuff. I’m nervous that there is a chance something could go wrong and I know already that the first thing they will do is lock down the highways. Luckily I can see the mountains from my back window and across the backyard field into the treeline. Should anything go wrong, I have a BOL with supplies stashed setup directly out from my back driveway and about 180ft into the woods past where the treeline starts. My plan is to effectively “Walk out of the city” and camp out/wait out until the all clear is given. And if it’s not given, it’s a few days hike over the ridge to the next city/town over. Having these boots sure would make the trip a LOT easier.


  24. I think in a disaster situation traffic will be the first barrier to travel, long before anything truly unravels. Roads are clogged with traffic at 5pm daily just for the exodus home from work. I have seen a glimpse of how bad it will be from hurricane evacs and the like. A good pair of shoes would make all the difference when traversing any terrain.

  25. A close look helps you observe the design of ALTAI Tactical Boot, which is just superb! The Vibram outsoles hold your attention and the overall composition is brilliant. The long lasting material and uniquely shaped sole make these boots an ideal choice for rough terrains and bad weather conditions. You can expect complete grip and comfort even when in action.

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