Apartment Garden

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Tomato plant in apartment gardenTomatoes

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

I mentioned in a previous Monday Musings I started the apartment garden.  The day I started the garden our area had a cold front, and temperatures were down in the low 30s (that’s cold for Houston this time of year).  I had to keep the plants indoors at night, and took them out for sun during the day.  Now that it’s warming up again, I can leave them outside.

Herbs in apartment gardenOregano and thai basil

Peppermint and chocolate mintPeppermint and Chocolate Mint

   Green onions in apartment gardenScallions grown from trash

This year I am covering all the plants with netting to avoid caterpillars and birds from attacking them.  I also placed the plants in different spots from where I had them last year. I hope I have better luck this year than last year.

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  1. Hi there! Love your posts.

    One thing I learned with mint is that it spreads – quickly. If you have peppermint and chocolate mint together, they will mix as they grow and spread, and you’ll have a cross plant, not two distinct mints. I separate my mint varieties in different containers, areas and not close to each other.

    I still have a patch of integrated peppermint, spearmint and chocolate mint plants that I learned this lesson on 🙂

    1. Hey Vickilynn, I have never tried growing 2 mint varieties before-did not consider they may cross plant. Thanks for letting me know. I will make sure I make separate pots. Thanks!

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