Are Shelves Emptying Out Again?

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Written by Bernie Carr

Just a quick post today, as I’ve been hearing anecdotal stories from various people that they are noticing empty shelves in their areas again. I shared this with some of the Facebook groups I belong to and as soon as I mentioned it, a lot of other members remarked they were seeing empty store shelves as well. But they thought it was just limited to their local cities.


My daughter told me she went shopping at a large supplier store and was surprised to see low inventory. At this one particular store where these photos were taken, she asked the cashier what’s with all the vacant products, she whispered the whole warehouse staff came down with COVID-19 and everyone is self-quarantining. If there are no workers, then no one is around to stock shelves.

Store shelves at a large supplier for restaurants and public customers

Stocks are in short supply

At my various Costco stores, they are limiting purchases for certain items such as toilet paper, paper towels and some canned foods like Spam.

As we mentioned in Summer of Shortages, a variety of products are in short supply due to transportation delays, high demand, high cost of materials.

Many stores are limiting quantities of items for customer purchases

What can you do?

Grocers indicate that some products may be unavailable at certain times, but there are still others to choose from. Customers may have to learn to try different brands and substitutes for products they normally use.

It is also a good idea to build your stockpile. When you see your favorite products in stock, pick up an extra one or two.

Shop at a variety of stores. If your normal grocery stores are lacking, visit alternative sources of supplies.

Empty shelves make people nervous. But there are a few things you can do to help you prepare and avoid worry.

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Photos by M. Clarke

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