Are There Advantages for Apartment Preppers?

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Now that I have been preparing for a few months, I am well aware of the disadvantages for us apartment dwellers in the big city:  lack of space is a big one, followed by management rules and inspections, overcrowding, crime, massive traffic, partnered with the ever looming possibility of getting trapped in a chaotic city when the SHTF.  The list is long, something we just have to deal with on a daily basis, so I had to pause and tell myself to stop the negativity and focus on the positives.  Well I had to think about that, but when I got started,  I found a few sparkling nuggets:

  • Lots of choices and variety.  When you live in a city, you have a lot of available sources of emergency supplies.  For now, there is no shortage of big box stores, grocery stores where you can compare prices and get the best deals.  You can visit ethnic grocery stores and get both exotic and everyday ingredients at low prices.  You have dollar stores, food co-ops and farmers markets.
  • Availability of public transportation.  If you live in an area that has good public transportation, you are fortunate.  You may own a car but don’t need it to get around, which helps you save on expenses.
  • Public library.  Most communities have a good public library within walking distance.  You can check out survival books, cookbooks, and learn skills for free.
  • No property taxes.  One big plus about living in an apartment is not having to pay property taxes twice a year.  I realize you also don’t have equity and other perks associated with home ownership, but hey, we are focusing on our positives here so don’t rain on your own parade 🙂
  • No maintenance expenses.   Apartment management will take care of most building repairs so it doesn’t come out of your pocket when something breaks (unless you were negligent)  So not having to pay maintenance is a plus, allowing you to spend on your emergency supplies instead.
  • Accessible medical facilities.  Being close to a hospital, doctors and dentist offices is great, since you should be taking care of yourself and maintaining regular checkups.  You can take CPR classes at the local hospital at low cost or even free.

All these advantages are great if you avail yourself now, while things are “normal.”  Because as we all know from watching world events unfolding, these advantages can disappear overnight, when unrest or disasters, whether natural or man-made, cause disruptions.

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  1. Goood stuff! I prefer apartment-life, which is why i subscribed to this!

    Living way out in suburbia is worse than living in the city, or so is the premise of the great documentary ” …

    Also it’s easier for a robber to get you in a house because there’s more places to hide (yard/garage). Watch him get to the top of a locked tower! Ain’t gonna happen.

    Only thing good about a house is the yard-space that can be used as food gardens. But by the time we all have to be growing our own food to survive, most likely their will be no JOBS (hence no ability to pay rent) and we the renters will be homeless. Grow food on the balcony & rent a storage locker for peak-oil things. Eat FIRM tofu – good source of protein … fry it sliced in bbq sauce. 🙂

    Any ideas on how to do a diy rainbarrel on a balcony?

    1. Sliced tofu in bbq sauce? I have not tried that! I would think a small rain barrel should be fine in a balcony, in you can rig it right. Plus it should be somewhat camoflaged or at least nondescript looking or the apt manager may question it. I don’t have one myself, since I am trying to grow food instead, now that spring is not far off I will sprouting seeds soon.

  2. Advantages for apartment dwellers are few. But there are some as you pointed out. I rent, which provides a big advantage in terms of mobility. The best job security is to be able to move to anywhere a new job is located. Being restricted by commuting distance from your current home is a huge disadvantage in the job market. Mobility allows me to always live close to work, eliminating a commute. Also, renting rather than owning gives me the power to simply walk away if need be. Have kids? Move anyway. Changing schools builds self-reliance.

  3. Yep, love the free maintenance. This week the apartment complex is redoing the roof, annoyed at the noise, but it could be me up there toiling in the sun, and fronting the bill for the shingles.

  4. Hate to rain on your parade, but you do pay property tax. Just like anything the property owner will make sure he charges enough to cover his taxes, bank note, and make a little profit.

  5. It’s good that you’re looking at the positives! I live on the rural outskirts of a medium-size city… it’s kind of got the best of both worlds, I think. My brother lives smack dab in the middle of a city, and he loves it.

  6. I just read and reviewed “Urban Survival Guide: Learn The Secrets Of Urban Survival To Keep You Alive After Man-Made Disasters, Natural Disasters, and Breakdowns In Civil Order” – – I think it might be worth the read for you since I know we are both apartment dwellers. The section you might find most interesting is the last chapter on moving around an urban landscape post an emergency or SHTF situation, based on your post above. i.e. normal transportation, etc…

  7. Pretty sure my maintenance fee is explicitly written in my apartment bill every month. And if it isn’t written, it is still included in the price implicitly. Same with the property taxes.

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