Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Home Security Deals

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With uncertain times upon us, homeowners and apartment dwellers alike are becoming more concerned about their home security.  Many big city and suburban communities are targeted by burglary rings.  Some residents opt for home security systems.  The following article contains helpful tips when shopping for a home security security system.

Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Home Security Deals

Consumers who are shopping for a home security system should definitely steer clear of the overpriced contract deals.

When shopping for a home security system, you must research your options very closely.  Although many companies may offer reasonable deals, many salespersons try to close a faulty contract deal.  Companies such as ADT sometimes have a reputation for pushing expensive yearly plans on consumers.

Most people have probably seen ADT’s fancy commercials of their home security.  Some include an operator calling the house immediately after a burglar trips the alarm.  Although the systems operate legitimately, there are plenty of dealers who try to cheat homeowners out of their money.

Some former customers complained that the technician installed the alarm on walls that were falling apart.  Other people complained that the technician did not arrive at their home at all.  One customer also wrote that a dealer talked her into purchasing a $99 system that actually costs her $1,200.

Although most people would expect an expensive system to work very effectively, some of them were filled with technical glitches and problems.  Sometimes the system sets off for no reason at all.  To make matters worse, people cannot shut some of them off unless they call the company’s customer service phone line.  Many consumers argued that other companies’ customer service representatives try to ignore many of the complaints they receive.  Other homeowners complained that the company charged a $400 cancellation fee.

People on the internet have given similar complaints about dealers and installers of General Electric’s Protect America system and other security systems. Thus, it is crucial for consumers to research each dealer and installation company before making a deal.

As a general rule of thumb, people should never sign into a contract agreement with a security system company unless they are absolutely certain about the terms of the deal. Many plans are sold by shrewd people who change the terms of the agreement almost immediately after they sign it.

Home security shoppers should first assess the type of system that they are looking for. They should first decide how many windows or doors they want to integrate into the security system. They should then decide where they want to place the control panel and the keypads for the system.

Most of all, consumers should decide whether they want a security system monitored by a central security station. These places watch over the home for a monthly fee. Although a monitored security system helps to further protect people from intruders, they are not necessary. In fact, leaving out the monitoring option could save people hundreds of dollars in fees every year.

Other companies also offer an alternative that outfits the basic sensor with a dialing accessory. This device connects the phone lines and automatically calls preselected phone numbers if someone trips the burglar alarm.

There are a number of other factors that should be considered when looking for an alarm system:

  • Consult your insurance agent and the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association for the best advice upon choosing an alarm system.
  • Speak to your police department’s crime prevention unit for names of reliable alarm system companies.
  • Ask for an inspection, a recommendation and a quote in writing on which system would best fit your house.

Although home security shopping can become a hassle, it can be rewarding in the long run.  You will rest safe, knowing you did your best to safeguard your home.

This is a guest post by Madison Parker.  Madison is an expert writer on subjects related to home security systems.  Read more on her blog Home Security

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  1. Home alarms are a good idea, but I wouldn’t rely on them alone. If elecric goes out the battery back up might be only for a day or 2. (There must be a way to add extra batteries) I would still have strong doors & v good locks , maybe gates on the perimeter. Possibly doing the same for the bedroom or any room that has valuables/ guns in it. The layered approach.

    1. Hi Shy Guy, The layered approach is a great idea, so you are not fully relying on just the one company. I am trying to see what we can do with the apartment windows and doors to make them more secure in addition to what we have installed already.

      1. Places like Radio Shack and some electronics stores sell alarms that you can attach to the window and windowsill. When someone attempts to slide open the window or remove the window it will emit a loud audible alarm. They are simple and cheap, I have them on all windows and sliding door. There is also a door handle model. I have used it when staying at hotels in areas I’m not familiar with.

        If you have the standard slide sideways windows I machined cut a long thin section of aluminum that slides between the top of the window and the windowsill frame so it can not be lifted out of the frame.

  2. I built my own home security system with components from Radio Shack and Sportsman’s Guide. I use surveillance cameras, motions detectors, dogs, and my flock of chickens who roost in trees all around the place and raise hell if they are disturbed at night. But I think my best security tool is the remoteness of my property and the difficulty anyone would have in reaching it.

  3. I was in the market for a home security system for a long time, but couldnt afford the big guys like ADT, Brinks, Etc. Looked at a lot of the other smaller guys, but most of them felt really shady and left a bad taste in my mouth. A friend directed me to i called them and everyone seemed so nice and professional, and monitoring is only 15 a month. I got the system, and couldnt be happier with the system. Great to finally find a security company that treats its customers like people and is affordable.

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