Book Review: Holding Their Own

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

A month or so ago, I posted about reading Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival, by Joe Nobody,  over President’s Day weekend.  This book was written by the same author of Holding Your Ground, which I thought was valuable, but that was more of a manual instruction type book, while this one is fiction.  I have read so many other survival fiction books, I wasn’t sure how this would compare.

Mr. Apt. Prepper actually read the book before I did, and he thoroughly liked it.  After he read it, he told me he was concerned about certain aspects that are lacking in our preparedness supplies but I was unconvinced.

Any misgivings I might have had quickly disappeared as I got drawn into the story.  The story is set on 2015, when a number of quickly unfolding events, including a terror plot, in an already weakened economy, push the country into complete collapse.  A couple living in suburbia find themselves in worsening conditions and forced to survive in the midst of danger and strife.

In some parts, such as the chain of events leading to TEOTWAWKI, the story felt a little too close for comfort, as some of the events actually mirror what is happening right now.  I won’t go into specifics, as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

The most remarkable thing I found was the story included possible survival situations that I had never even considered, but are actually very logical and quite possible.  I consider myself a reasonable person, who tries to things through logically and foresees certain outcomes.  However, never having experienced an actual “bug out” of a rapidly deteriorating city, I did not consider certain step by step details on how things would actually unfold.

This book opened my eyes and I now realize we really do need to fix a few gaps in our preparedness gear.  We will just have to budget for a few more things.

I can’t say that this is a light-hearted read.  I got a bit tense reading some of the chapters, but I will say the book is a page turner and will keep you engrossed.  And if a story manages to hold your interest AND teach you a few things, it is well worth reading.  Holding Their Own is a keeper and I highly recommend the book.

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