Brushfire Plague Retribution Review

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Brushfire Plague Retribution is volume 3 of the Brushfire Plague series.  We reviewed the first book and found it to be riveting.  The third book does not disappoint; it continues to deliver as much, if not more action as the previous books.

What is it about?

The Brushfire Plague series is about a world falling apart as a result of a widespread plague.  Millions of people have died and violence is rampant.

Cooper Adams, our hero must decide on his best course of action on how to deal with a world that has fallen apart, and the conspiracy that he unearthed.  At the same time, the unrelenting viciousness and ugliness in the world has taken a toll on Cooper’s son, Jake.

What I liked and didn’t like about it

I enjoyed the detailed story telling, as well as the fast pace of the book.   I didn’t like that I forgot certain details from the last two books; I would have liked a recap of what had gone on before.  However there was enough action to keep me turning the pages and I eventually remembered some of the details I was missing.

In conclusion…

All in all, Brushfire Plague Retribution is a good read.  I recommend starting from the first volume so you don’t miss anything.


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