September 5, 2019

Fast Way to Grow Food in a Small Space

  This post is by Bernie Carr, Growing an apartment garden is rewarding but somewhat unpredictable.  I’ve had mixed results from year to year.  I wanted to have a way grow fresh food with very little space and in a short time with almost certain results.  That is why I decided to try sprouting. Benefits of eating sprouts Seeds are rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E, and the sprouting process increases the nutrition value. Sprouts are also […]

Can You Grow Potatoes in a Bucket?

Growing food can insulate you from a food crisis, so I always recommend that my readers learn to grow food, even if the only space is a small balcony or patio.  One of the projects I have always wondered about was whether it is possible to grow potatoes in a bucket. (Note:  If you live in an upper floor and plan to grow plants in buckets outside in your balcony, pay attention to weight restrictions on your lease, and consider […]

Why You Need to Grow Your Own Herbs

This post is by Bernie Carr, I’ve had a few hits and misses with the apartment balcony garden, but each year, I try to grow at least a few herbs.  It takes only a small amount of work, but the rewards are gratifying. Now more than ever, I recommend trying it out yourself for various reasons: Food safety I was thoroughly disgusted by this little piece of news: FDA bans some Mexican cilantro after feces found in fields Cilantro […]

Easy Steps to Plan your Apartment Garden

This post is by Bernie Carr, It’s February and in many areas the cold will be lingering for a few more weeks.  But it is not a bad idea to start thinking about growing a few herbs and vegetables in your apartment balcony or patio. With a little planning, you can get your apartment garden started a minimal cost.  That’s why it’s best to get started early. 1.  Set aside some cash for your garden.   Save a few dollars […]