May 14, 2020

Protective Gear You Should Wear While Shooting, and Why

Editor’s note: With millions of people buying firearms in the recent months, there are a record number of new gun owners who need to get skilled in using their firearms. In a previous article, we covered safety essentials for first-time gun owners. Today’s article covers protective gear you’ll need while shooting at the gun range. Protective Gear You Should Wear While Shooting, and Why Written by Travis Noonan March 2020 set a record month for gun sales in America, with […]

Why You Need Legal Protection if You Own a Gun or Knife for Self-Defense

This post is by Bernie Carr, A record number of people have been purchasing guns in recent weeks since the coronavirus pandemic has started spreading. Gun stores all over the country have empty shelves and ammunition is also being bought out. With a lot of new people buying guns, it is my hope that new gun owners will practice safety. Many people also carry a knife for protection. It is always good to have something to defend yourself with, […]

First-Time Gun Owner? Here are the Safety Essentials

Written by Travis Noonan We’ve covered topics like personal defense in the past and naturally, that includes firearm ownership and use. While no prepper wants to take a life, the possibility of having to use lethal force in self-defense is something any prepper should prepare for. Making that decision and being on the right side of the law (and your own conscience) means being a safe, well-trained gun owner. If you’re purchasing a firearm for the first time, mastering the […]

7 Tips To Deal With The Most Common Handgun Malfunctions

Written by  Glen Artis The handgun has been around for centuries. And since the introduction of the first semi-automatic handgun in 1892, this firearm has undergone numerous technological advancements. Today’s handguns are the most sophisticated in the history of handguns. But in spite of this, modern handguns are still vulnerable to malfunctions. In fact, most if not all handgun users have experienced a malfunction at some point that rendered their guns temporarily inoperable. And while some of us may cuss […]

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