September 5, 2019

Three Easy Pest Repellents for Your Home and on the Go

Written by Mindy Laughton If you live in Virginia or another part of the world with hot and humid parts of the year, everywhere you go, you’re under constant threat and surveillance from millions of bloodthirsty assailants. We’re talking, of course, about mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks, to name a few. These insects are constantly seeking to feast on you and your unsuspecting loved ones. Not only do they sting and cause annoying itching, they also harbor many deadly diseases, […]

23 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites

Editor’s note:  Mosquito season has started in many states.  It is predicted to be a particularly bad one in Texas, due to the recent floods and increase in breeding grounds.  The following article provides several great ways to get rid of mosquito bites using simple, inexpensive and readily available solutions. This article first appeared in Pest How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites (23 Of The Best Ways) Imagine this. You’re on a well-deserved vacation in the Caribbean, and […]

Pest Control and Prepping

This post is by Bernie Carr, Tomorrow is the official start of the spring season, and with the pretty flowers, spring showers come the bugs… lots of bugs.  I’ve seen some huge bugs here in Texas, and though I know many insects are helpful, and can even serve as food, I am not fond of bugs. Pest control is not probably not one of the top ten survival and preparedness steps you will take to get started but it […]

Reader question: How Do you Protect your Emergency Supplies from Pests?

This post is by Bernie Carr, I get a lot of emails on Apartment Prepper, and I always respond to readers’ questions.  Here is an excerpt from a recent email from reader “S.”  (I have removed any personal references.)  “S” provided actual photos. I had some bad luck recently. My car broke down coming home from work.  As a result I had to leave the car at a mechanic for a week to fix a now bigger problem & […]

Rare Virus could become Widespread after a Disaster

This post is by Bernie Carr, Everyone saw the news report about visitors at Yosemite National park who stayed at tent-style “signature” cabins in Curry Village becoming exposed to the Hantavirus.   Hantavirus causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) which attacks the lungs and can be fatal.  The disease is carried in the urine, saliva or feces of deer mice and other rodents.  In this particular case, the rodents nested in between the double walls of the cabins, and thus unknowing […]

Pest Control – a Necessary Part of your Prepping Efforts

This post is by Bernie Carr, Pest control is not probably not one of the top ten survival and preparedness steps you will take to get started but it is still an unavoidable part of any prepper’s plan.  In a grid down situation, the presence of pests can only get worse, as sanitation worsens when trash pickup gets interrupted and vacant buildings and homes become more common.  Pests can carry diseases cause allergies for many people and can ruin […]