May 14, 2020

Short on Cash for Preps this Month? Here are a Few Ideas

This post is by Bernie Carr, I had to do a double take when I noticed my paycheck this year has gotten much smaller. No, I am not working less hours, in fact, I have had to put in some late nights finishing up projects.  I compared the deductions line by line to see what had changed from last year:  health insurance went up, and mostly, taxes went up.  The country may have stepped away from the dreaded fiscal […]

Do this One Tip and Avoid Wasting Money

Last week I was paying bills when I noticed the electric bill was $25 higher than last month’s.  I didn’t think our usage changed that much so I called the power company to find out what changed.  I was right, our usage didn’t change that much.  But one thing did change:  the discount electric plan I had subscribed to had expired.  I’m usually pretty good about keeping track of such things so I asked why wasn’t I notified?  Well, it […]

Is a Big Box Store Worthwhile for Apartment Prepping?

When I first started prepping I resisted joining a warehouse store.  I did not want to pay the annual dues, and I felt I would end up with junk I don’t need.   The one year I did join with an employee discount, I overspent by about $300 and ended up with moldy croissants and way too many Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  I figured there is no way I would ever join again. Once I started buying supplies for emergencies I re-evaluated […]

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