August 10, 2020

10 Things to Know About Bugging In

Written by Bryan Lynch Already, the year 2020 has shown us several reasons why one would “bug in” or shelter in place. More people than ever have probably had to experience this to some degree in just the last few months. From that experience I think we can all agree that sheltering in place might not be as easy as previously thought. There are many factors that go into successfully staying in one location. For this article I created a […]

DIY Gourmet Coffee When You are Self-Isolating

This post is by Bernie Carr, Many cities are declaring a shelter in place order in an effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus. A lot of people are also working from home and therefore no longer have their favorite coffee shop within a short distance. No need to settle for mediocre coffee! Just make your own gourmet coffee. It’s super easy. Check out how I did it over along with photos in my Patreon page!

Bugging In: How to Barricade Your Apartment

The need to protect your home during a disaster or mass civil unrest could become very real in a hurry. The goal of fortification is to deter conflict and prying eyes and prevent forced entry. We’re going to teach you how to barricade your apartment the right way. […]

How to Make a Realistic Urban Bug in Plan

Written by Dan Stevens, Modern Survival Online It is said urbanites cannot bug in. Bugging out seems to be the first choice for people who are trapped in cities that will become death traps. Bugging in seems to be a luxury if you either live in the burbs, a small town or the wilderness or… if you’re willing to move there. Allow me to prove those people wrong. Well, in part, because there are limits to what you can do […]

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