Crooks Can Use This Device to Disable your Security Camera

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Written by Bernie Carr

Many apartment dwellers use security cameras that are portable and easy to install such as a the Ring doorbell camera. They do have a lot of advantages: gives you the ability to see who’s at the door and immediate vicinity, ability to see, hear, and speak to anyone near it from your phone, tablet, or PC, motion detection, night vision, etc. but they also have disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

Many security cameras are connected to the internet via Wifi. Recently, I came across some interesting information about a device that can jam up your Wifi and disconnect your security system.

What does it do?

The device, which appears to be a watch-type device, costing around $50 commands the Wifi network to disconnect all devices connected to it. The Wifi will try to automatically reconnect, but the device will keep sending a message to disconnect so the security camera stays off-line, giving the crook the ability to bypass your camera.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Many home security experts recommend you use a “wired” connection and not a wireless one. That’s because a wireless connection can easily be interfered with.

Choose cameras with an internal SD card storage adapter, so you can keep recording off-line, not just the cloud. SD cards cost around $20 but it would be worth it to have backup storage.

Review your router security. If your router supports WPA3, choose that instead of WPA2, as WPA3 will protect you from this type of attack. Also connect to 5 GHz network instead of 2.4 GHz.

For more detailed information, check out this video, that displays the proof of concept device discussed above. Security cameras are still a good part of an overall plan to keep your home safe but don’t stop there; you can also try other methods such as these ideas that won’t break your budget.

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    1. Not sure and I wouldn’t want to advertise them that thieves can easily pick them up. So far they are not that common yet, so best go wired instead of wireless. Thanks for the comment.

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