Discover the Advantages of a Portable 360° Security Camera for Renters

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Written by Marcus Pickett

Home security cameras aren’t just for homeowners. You can get the same 1080p high-resolution picture, remote viewing and recording, alarm siren, and motion detection features in a portable camera that works for apartments and rental homes. There are a ton of security cameras out there, but not nearly as many that can claim to be renter-friendly. A security camera that is both portable and has a 360-degree view comes with unique advantages for apartment dwellers.

Overcoming Challenges to Apartment Prepping

One of the most common challenges for apartment prepping is saving space. The Portable 360º Security Camera is smaller than a Nalgene water bottle and weighs as much as a baseball. You can place this wireless camera on almost any kind of shelf, table, desk, or dresser. You can keep it out in the open for maximum exposure to viewing the apartment, or you can tuck it into a corner, making it more conspicuous.

The camera’s night vision lets you see what’s going on after dark without flooding the room in a bright, overhead light. Whether it’s banging pipes, a restless pet, or nothing at all, you’ll sleep better knowing what’s going in the middle of the night.

If your apartment is known for dropped calls and Wi-Fi dead zones, you want a security camera that will keep working even when the Internet is down. The 360° Security Camera will continue to record locally whenever it loses a connection.

A portable security camera is no substitute for water, food, clothes, and other survival essentials, but it can add significant peace of mind to your apartment living space from day one.

Installation-Free Home Security Camera

As a renter, you may be limited in the alterations you can make to the property, including a home security camera that requires permanent installation. Likewise, not everyone is a handyman who can install a wall-mounted or over-door camera and then patch up the installation when moving out. Especially when a landlord is looking for any reason to withhold your security deposit, it may not matter that it looks okay to you.

In an apartment, you want to feel at home, and you want to feel at home quickly. If you don’t have a multi-year lease, it can feel like just around the time you get settled, you’re forced to look for a new place. An installation-free security camera is ready to deliver instant monitoring and a sense of dominion over your living space as soon as you move in.

More Advantages of the Portable 360° Security Camera

Smart motion-detection technology makes sure you never miss anything important while reducing false positives. 4x digital zoom capability means you can get a great view of what’s going on in your apartment, whether it’s the size of a mouse or the size of a roommate. The rechargeable battery can last up to 5 days and is easy to recharge with a USB charging cable and AC power adapter. Two-way audio with echo elimination makes it easy to use the camera to communicate with someone remotely or in a different part of the apartment.

Other Devices and Supplies for Apartment Prepping

BodyGuardz offers other ways to add smart home capabilities to your apartment. The Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub is a great device with five different features to prep your apartment for emergencies and everyday scenarios. Later this year, BodyGuardz will also be introducing a Portable Over-Door Camera that will offer the same easy-installation benefits in an innovative doorbell camera.

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