Survivors TV Series (2008)

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The family and I have been watching the “Survivors” TV Series on Netflix.  It was a British TV show that aired back in 2008 and lasted for two seasons.  From what I read, “Survivors” was actually a remake of a series that aired in the 1970s.  It is about a group of survivors coping with a world where 90% of the world population died from a deadly flu virus called the European flu.

The main characters include Abby, the matriarch of the group who is searching for her teen son; an ex-convict, a survivalist who originally wanted to strike out on his own, a rich playboy, a young Muslim boy, a doctor who hides her identity as she felt guilty for all the flu deaths, and an opportunistic woman.  It is interesting to see how the characters react to the new world and their situations, and you can’t help but imagine “What would I do?” in their shoes.

A running theme in the episodes we’ve seen so far is the opposing world view of Abby who believes in the basic good of all people, and the convict who believes the base nature of people will overcome any shred of good and is worsened by the disaster.  Abby somehow succeeds haphazardly with her inner strength, a lot of compassion and a great deal of luck.  My husband does not have a lot of patience with her character and says she would have been dead in the “real world.”  I would have to agree, believing in all this goodness will get you in trouble even in the present time.  Still, “Survivors” is fun to watch, as we sit in our living room eating popcorn, with the fervent hope that something like it never happens.

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  1. Love this show. Saw it last year on BBC America, and I think your husband is wrong Abby has some guts, I bet push comes to shove and she could defend herself. If nothing else she inspires devotion to her from the other survivors.

  2. I saw it on netflix as well. I found it interesting, not just the personal relationships, but the role of government afterwards. I have to agree with your husband, Abby character was too careless and attracted to much attention to the group. I would have cut her loose and moved on without her.

  3. Great show – we got it from Netflix and watched it all the way through – I HOPE they make another season!! LOVED IT!!! Almost as much as I loved JERICHO! almost…

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