Do this One Tip and Avoid Wasting Money

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Last week I was paying bills when I noticed the electric bill was $25 higher than last month’s.  I didn’t think our usage changed that much so I called the power company to find out what changed.  I was right, our usage didn’t change that much.  But one thing did change:  the discount electric plan I had subscribed to had expired.  I’m usually pretty good about keeping track of such things so I asked why wasn’t I notified?  Well, it turns out I was notified– the company rep said they sent me an email 45 days before expiration to remind me to renew.  I just didn’t pay attention.

I have separate emails for this blog (which a check a couple of times a day), another one for personal emails (checked once every night) and a third one for a “junk emails.”  I looked through my personal emails- I had 51 unread emails, mostly from online stores announcing sales and such, and sure enough, buried in there was the email from the energy company.  Arrggg!  I wasted $25 from a cluttered email box!  I could’ve used that cash to buy some more preps.  Mr Apt Prepper was appalled I had 400 old emails just sitting there dating back a year. His email box only has about five items at a time.

I realized the same principle applies to physical clutter as electronic clutter- if you see it you need to:

  • act on it
  • file it
  • trash it

I sat there and cleaned out the entire email box by filing the important ones in various email folders and left only 20 outstanding emails that needed attention.

I tell everyone to de-clutter their apartment or home to avoid wasting supplies, but now I found I have to follow my one advice in regards to electronic clutter.

Here’s the one tip to avoid wasting money:

Clean out your email box and you may be surprised to find:

– deals and coupons on items you’ve been waiting for

– announcements of pricing changes

– expiring discount memberships

It’s a chore, just like organizing your home. but you’re better off doing it now before something gets missed.

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  1. Look into forwarding services. I like to use Google’s email and utilize the forwarding ability to check an assortment of e-mail accounts I own. Hope that helps!

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