Does the Travel John Work?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

My last post discussed possible alternatives for dealing with liquid waste while trying to bug out without having to stop.  We found the Travel John, a popular product among campers, online.  Before I recommend anything I always try out the item to make sure it works.

What is the Travel John?

It is a disposable urinal that is portable, is said to be leak proof, and odor free.

The box came with 18 disposable urinals, hand wipes and tissues.

To use, unroll one of the disposable urinals, pee into it, fitting the funnel’s opening directly underneath.

The Test

For this test, I used dirty dish water.  It was simple enough to use, if positioned correctly, there was no resulting splash or spill.  The crystals inside the bag instantly puff up to absorb the liquid.

Now for the sniff test.  There was no odor unless you got really close to the opening.  It was not a strong whiff at all.  I am not sure if this is supposed to be one use only, so I propped up the bag and added more water to it 30 minutes later.  The crystals continued to absorb the liquid twice more after the first time, although the liquid took a bit longer to get absorbed.


I overturned the bag over the toilet to see if it would leak.  It did not leak at all, not even a drop.  The crystals absorbed all the liquid and stayed solid.  You don’t even have to seal it shut.

I would say this item worked really well.  It would come in handy if you had to bug out in a hurry and there is no place or time for a bathroom stop.  I purchased a few more for the car survival kit.  The 18 pack is currently priced at $29.98, but is also available in small quantities at a lower price.  Even if nothing happens, you can save it for long road trips or for camping.

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  1. What happened to my question/comment? I thought it was a fair question, considering you’re reviewing the product. Or are you just advertising? Either way, your blog is now off my reading list.

    1. Hi Sarah, What was your question or comment? We had some issues with the article not coming up properly and had to repost the article. Thanks for letting me know, and please accept our apology that your question or comment is missing.

    1. Hi Tiff, I think you will find it useful in an emergency when there is no clean or safe place to go. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I have used these travel Johns for years out in our hunting stands. For a female in a male hunting world men that can just stop and water ant tree in the woods can not understand a women’s plight. I stash one out in each of my stands at the start of the season. Some I have used my ripe times before replacing and will leave out in the stand after use so I can say they do not smell and can be used mutilply times before disposal. I keep my eye out and restock when ever I can find them on sale. Try them you will like them.

    1. Hi Linda the huntress, I am glad to know they can be reused multiple times. That is a great idea storing them in each of your hunting stands. Thanks for the comment!

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