Free or Cheap Ways to Get Seeds

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Free or Cheap Ways to Get Seeds for Your Garden

This post is by Bernie Carr,

Now that it is mid-February, spring is not that far away.  The first official day of spring is Sunday, March 20th.  It is time to start thinking about the balcony garden, and ways to get started inexpensively.

Although it is easier to grow plants from the nursery, I’d like to be able to grow plants from seed.  Many experienced gardeners say you don’t have to pay high prices for seeds, you can get them for free, or very inexpensively.

Here are some ways:

  1.  Save seeds from plants you grow yourself.  Now if you are new to gardening, you won’t have seeds from previous seasons so keep reading.  Just remember to save some for next year once you have a garden.
  2. Seed exchanges.  I listen a podcast, The Self Sufficient Homestead, run by Johnny Max and the Queen.  Their website is   They started a seed exchange website, where participants can trade heirloom seeds, which are non-hybrid, non genetically altered seeds that can propagate themselves for generations.  Not sure if they still run the site, but it is still up: Since I am just starting out and have no seeds to swap, I checked the site for seeds for sale and found some of the gardeners sell seeds as well.  I had ordered Stevia seeds and received them within a couple of weeks.
  3. Facebook groups  I found a seed swap group in Facebook, called Great American Seedswap
  4. Ask a friendly gardener  Avid gardeners such as friends or neighbors, even the doctor or dentist, are happy to share seeds from their homegrown plants.  If it comes up in conversation, don’t be afraid to ask.
  5. Seed forums  You can also get free seeds from seed forums such as Gardenweb.  See  for a discussion on how to go about it.

If you prefer the quick way to obtain organic seeds, check out Amazon-they have a pretty good selection as well. Now is a great time to get started, before the growing season is upon us.

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