Top 5 Online Tools for Backing Up Documents

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You probably get at a minimum one important document every single day in the mail or online. These documents can range from things like different bank account information to up to date insurance cards and keeping these documents safe can mean keeping your identity and your loved ones safe, so it’s of the utmost importance that you find a way to make sure that they’re tucked away and protected. So how do you do that? One way to do so is to back them up online so that if anything were to happen to your apartment (such as a fire or flood) you would still have access to them.

1.      Dropbox

There are three different options for uploading documents to Dropbox – you can either create a free basic account that gives you 2GB of storage, you can get a Pro 50 account for $9.99 per month that allows you 50GB of storage, or you can get the Pro 100 account for $19.99 each month and 100GB of storage. When you save files to Dropbox they save to three different places: your computer, your phone, and the Dropbox website. You can access online or offline, and they have SSL andAES-256 bit encryption to ensure that your files are safe.

2.      CrashPlan +

CrashPlan + is cheaper than Dropbox, giving you up to 10GB of space for $1.50 per month, unlimited space for $3.00 per month, and unlimited + family for $6.00 per month. It is updated every minute remotely and lets you backup information online, onsite and offsite locations, giving you flexibility. Data is encrypted and there is multi-level password protection to give everything the maximum protection.

 3.      Mozy

Mozy offers plans for your home that range from 2GB of storage space for free, to $5.99 each month for 50GB,to $9.99 each month for 125GB. Everything is encrypted for safety and the program allows you to choose the type of encryption – either a managed encryption key or a personalized one. It will even automatically back up your files however frequently or infrequently you choose, even while you’re working on different projects.

4.      SOS Online Backup Tool

For $79.99 SOS Online Backup Tool allows you 50GB of storage for a full year, for $99.95 you get 100GB of storage for one year, and for $149.95 you receive 150GB of storage for the year. They also offer discounted prices for signing up for two and three year plans. They allow you to backup multiple computers, save every version of every file instead of only the most recent, and even protect your Facebook account, making SOS Online appeal to the modern social media mindset that most people have adopted, all with a three-tiered encryption approach.

 5.      Carbonite

Carbonite has three different options for protecting your documents: Home for $59/year, HomePlus for $99/year, and HomePremier for $149/year. The program automatically backs up all of your files so that you don’t have to worry about manually backing them up, it allows you to access the files anywhere, and guides you step by step through a file restoration process if you suddenly lose a file.

Keeping your important documents safe is crucial, and these days you can never be too careful in protecting them. There are a variety of different online programs that fit every price range and will back up all of your most sensitive information so that if disaster strikes you’re prepared.

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