How Can You Protect Yourself from Nuclear Fallout?

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Written by Amy Hunt

Have you ever stopped to think about what you would do if you were to experience a nuclear blast? Would you know what to do if it came down to it? It may seem extreme, but being prepared for survival in the event of a full-on nuclear fallout could literally be the difference between life and death in a time of such crisis. This doesn’t mean spending large portions of their income and time setting up shelters either, there are things you can do within your apartment to make things easier and increase survival rates.
The need to protect yourself from nuclear disaster isn’t unreasonable – when the blast at the Chernobyl power plant devastated the town of Pripyat over thirty years ago, the effects are still being felt many years later. To this day, the town remains abandoned and potentially lethal doses of radiation are still present.
Accidents can and will happen, but they aren’t the only nuclear catastrophe you could encounter. With political tensions high, are the chances of nuclear war a possibility once again?
For some, the harsh reality of the Cold War is ever present and at the time, the idea of nuclear conflict was a prospect that couldn’t be ignored. As a result, the “prepping” culture was born. But is it something that more of us should take into consideration today? And if so, what can you do for you, your family and your home?

How Can You Protect Yourself From Nuclear Fallout?

Should it become apparent that nuclear fallout is imminent, the first thing you should do is GET INSIDE, STAY INSIDE and STAY TUNED.

Provided your apartment is outside of the one-mile blast zone, you have a very good chance of surviving a nuclear explosion. Limiting your exposure to radioactive particles should always be your biggest priority. You can do this by moving to the deepest part of your apartment, if your apartment is on the top floor, move further down the building to increase protection. Do this quickly and as calmly as possible. Stay away from windows, doors and any external walls. A basement or cellar will offer the best protection from nuclear disaster, though anywhere inside is better than outside.

If you find that others in your building are in a state of panic, try and calm the situation but don’t jeopardize your own safety. Encourage people to do as you do as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this handy infographic from Vivid Doors, there’s lots of useful information which can help you to remain as safe as possible in a time of crisis, with tips such as what to include in your survival kit as well as what to do when it’s safe to venture out.



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  1. if you are in a office building go to the lowest and most interior room you can find. The best would be a file room all the paper filled file cabinets making good radiation insulation. Being below ground would be best.

  2. Good article – But since I have worked most of my life for major defense contractors or at US government arsenals. I do not worry to much about a nuclear attack if I am at work since most of the time I am at ground zero for more than one warhead. And yes I do make sure I have a LONG commute to work so my family is not close to where I am working.

    1. Hi Ben, I guess in your case the long commute is more beneficial! Good to hear from someone who is knowledgeable about this. Thanks for the comment!

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