How to Brew a Good K-Cup of Coffee When the Power is Out

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Written by Bernie Carr

A lot of people I know use brew their daily coffee with a K-cup machine using Keurig or other similar coffee pods. No doubt, they do make a good, strong cup of coffee but what happens when the power is out? The machine won’t work and you’ll have to do without. Not necessarily!

I found out about this non-electric K-cup coffee maker and I was so fascinated the idea of an off-grid K-cup coffeemaker, I had to buy one. This article is not a paid or sponsored review – I bought the item myself so I could try it out.

The Presto MyJo

The Presto MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker is a manual coffee maker that uses K-cups. Because it’s non-electric, you can have it as a backup coffee maker when the power is out, and you can take it with you on road trips, camping or backpacking. As long as you can make some hot water, you can easily make your daily cup of joe with using those same K-cups.

Testing the Presto MyJo

The MyJo is a single-cup non-electric coffee maker that uses K-cups
  1. The unit is very simple and easy to assemble. Just connect the pump with the fitted lid. The MyJo also comes with a refillable K-cup so you can save money by filling it with ground coffee. For my test, I used a store bought K-cup.
  2. I heated some water to boiling.
  3. Place the assemble MyJo over your coffee cup.
  4. Remove the pump lid and pour hot water into the canister. The lines on the side indicate the amount of water to pour, depending on the side of your cup.
  5. Pump the water with one hand while holding the MyJo with the other hand, firmly over your cup. The water will not drip down unless you pump.
  6. Repeat until your cup is filled to your liking.
The simple construction consists of a pump lid, canister and includes a refillable K-cup.

That’s it! It’s very simple to use. The coffee was tasty with the same quality that an electric K-cup coffee maker brews.

As a long time coffee drinker, I’ve tried several alternatives for off-grid coffee, including roasting my own beans without electricity. I personally use a pour-over coffee maker at home normally, but now that I have the MyJo, I’ll be taking this one on road trips, camping or backpacking since it worked well. If you normally use an electric K-cup coffee maker, the MyJo is a great backup in case the power goes out.

Here is a link to my video so you can see the test result:

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