How to Stay Warm Without Turning up the Heat

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Are you tired of high heating bills every winter?  Try the tips featured in my latest article in The Allstate Blog: 4 Ways to Stay Toasty Without Turning Up the Heat:


4 Ways to Stay Toasty in Your Apartment Without Turning Up the Heat

Keeping your home warm and cozy in winter can be tricky, especially for apartment dwellers who generally have limited options when it comes to altering a unit. But, there are still some things renters can do to stay toasty without turning up the heat. You might also save a little money on your next heating bill, too. Here are four ways to help keep warm in your apartment this winter.

1. Layer Up

Instead of putting on one heavy sweater, consider covering your head and feet to help keep warm in your rental home, says Apartment Therapy. Wearing a hat, hood, socks or slippers can help prevent heat from escaping your body so you feel warmer. Another bonus, wearing socks or slippers can also help insulate your feet if you’re walking on chilly floors.

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