How to Survive an Angry Mob While Driving

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by J.G. Martinez D.

We are so used to employing our gear and our things for the purpose they are designed and manufactured with originally, that we sometimes forget that we certainly can use them for some other means, even if this is not advisable. Most people don’t realize that, even at the most slightest, innocent task like going to the market for groceries, we use such a weapon-our car.

This being said, there are moments in life when you have to be aggressive. Otherwise, you could result in you being harmed or even dead. Deciding when, is not easy. Not even a conscious decision, even. It´s just a visceral reaction.

You’re driving your car and you find yourself surrounded by an angry, rioting mob. What do you do? How do you behave?

It´s generally a good idea to get a dashboard camera, just in case.

Of course, some cars are better than other ones when you´re being harassed.

Exercise prudence

Prudence is key when you are driving and find yourself facing an angry mob. With the current situation, this could be a real threat for an innocent driver.

Legal consequences is something that have to be foreseen, just in case one decides to use the biggest weapon anyone can have. Anyone smart enough would leave alone someone in a car, skilled enough as a driver to handle with agility and showing no fear. Agility for dodging obstacles, and being really aware of the road ahead just in case some caltrops have been thrown to mess up your tires is something you really need to look for. Don’t allow yourself to be caught with this ancient trap.

Just remember something…just because you’re seeing a mob far away doesn’t mean you are at a safe distance. Just try to round it, which is possible in most of the instances.

Don’t run over the mob

The implications of running over a mob are plenty, and the best possible advice is avoiding confrontation (logically). However, this is not always possible. What we can’t do, is run over someone. The worst outcome is having to go straight to a mob, and get frozen in the middle of it.

Pepper spray

A couple of pepper spray canisters with good range are useful – one for the driver and one for the passenger. Roll the windows down, when they come close, pray and spray, and get the dodge out of there. Floor it, but when you’re sure there’s no one in front. A few scratches, maybe a couple of broken windows are much better than getting dragged out of your vehicle and beaten to death. Something perfectly possible, as it has already happened.

Don’t get out of the car

What you DON’T do, is get out of the car and run, unless it has been set on fire of course, or you can´t use it any longer. A mob will engage in predator mode and will beat running people to death just for making them run too much and daring to try to save their lives. You can’t know what kind of drugs can be running in the veins of a gang stupid enough to try to stop a car with their own bodies. That´s why is wiser to avoid confronting them. You´re outnumbered, but you will be relatively protected.

Window film

It´s a good idea to use some film over your windows to avoid splinters, such some moron happens to break your windows. If this happens, there´s no other thing to do than trying to keep calm, or open the door and spray them the heck out with pepper or tear gas.

Drive very slowly

So don’t allow yourself to be in that situation. Once you get surrounded, if such thing happens after you’ve ran out of pepper spray, well, since you already have your dashboard camera working to prove the mob wasn’t nice and kind asking to support their cause, then you can bump them the heck out of the way, at a very low speed. Going on with a reasonable speed is more than advisable. 5mph would be a legal limit according to what I´ve researched. Anyone hitting your car will be guilty of assault and you will be able to proceed later. Any mob member being harmed by your car at that speed should have seen it coming.

If you’re carrying a gun, make sure to have it on your body and not in the glove box, which is intended for gloves. This way if someone happens to drag you out of your car with obviously bad intentions, you will have a last resource.

But you must remember this: the best battle is the one you can avoid.

About the Author: J.G. Martinez D

Jose is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He had a small 4-member family, plus two cats and a dog, an old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose could be considered a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela.

Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They were trying to continue with their lives in another country, until the SARSCov2 pandemic]s came to change the whole scenario. Decisions now will have to be made, and valuable lessons will be recorded in this journey. You may provide assistance and support to this writer to make a living with your sponsoring on or joining as a patreon at

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