Huge Cyber-attack and Other Notable News

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I haven’t done a Monday Musings links share news segment in a while but there is just so much going on I had to do one today.

Widespread Cyber Attack

First off, there was this worldwide cyber attack with ransomware yesterday that hit at least 100 countries.  So many people were affected; hospitals could not even see patients and a lot of people’s computers were held hostage until they paid.  See Ransomware:  World Reels from Massive Cyberattack

I always recommend everyone protect your computers by backing up your documents and having some paper records.  Prepare yourself from a cyber-attack which can be a disaster in itself.  You never know when this type of thing can happen.


Ebola in the News Again

Just when we thought the ebola spread has finally died down, it’s in the news again.  See At Least One Dead in New Ebola Outbreak in the Congo.

We had that ebola incident in Dallas a couple of years ago, and this is a reminder that it can happen anywhere.  Here’s a post about what to do if Ebola were to show up in your cityPandemics are definitely one of threats to prepare for.

Would You Eat Cooked Chicken from China?

With all the food safety scandals that have arisen from China, we now find out cooked chicken from China is coming to our groceries.

I have not forgotten the tainted pet food, unsafe baby formula and many more.

Find out where your meat and other food products come from, and keep up with food safety recalls at

That’s enough news to digest for now (pun intended).  Please comment on any topics you find interesting below.

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Finally, I wanted to share a great deal from fellow blogger, Tammy Trayer.  Tammy’s book, How to Embrace an Off-Grid Lifestyle is on sale for just $2.99 for the next week or so.

Please let me know if you like link sharing posts like this, and I will start doing them more regularly.


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  1. walmart,foodlion,krogar…..cod fish,tilapia comes from china.check labels.some brands of rice from china are tainted with plastic that looks like rice….CAREFUL,we have a world econ system and not many checkers.

    1. Robert, This is true, lots of other foods come from there, so best check sources. Thanks for the comment!

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