Huge Cybersecurity Breach at Equifax – See if You are At Risk

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Just a quick post today before I go to work.  Did not hear about this in mainstream TV news, but you should know Equifax has been hacked.  Because they are one of the three main credit reporting companies, this may impact all of us.

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  1. See Equifax reveals hack that likely exposed data of 143 million customers.
  2. Then check if you are at risk at Cybersecurity Incident & Important Consumer Information.  If you find out you are potentially affected, Equifax now offers free identity theft protection service for one year.

This is why I think having cash is so important, as I have already experienced having my accounts compromised.  See

It’s a good idea to monitor your accounts – checking, savings, credit cards etc. for suspicious activity.  Now go see if your information may be at risk!


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  1. A lot of online security sources are saying that if individuals subscribe to the offered Equifax security solutions, they will be prohibited from joining any class-action lawsuit, under implied consent. I suspect that the courts would likely doubt such a prohibition, but, individuals should consider all their options before subscribing to the security solutions.

    1. Hi David, That is a good point. It’s good to first find out if one is affected, but being precluded from a class action lawsuit is a possibility that is something to consider before signing up. Thanks for the comment.

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