Money Mondays: 5 Frugal Hacks I did this Weekend to Save Money

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

With the budget being tight, I normally find various things to do to save a buck or two on a regular basis. This past weekend was no exception. Here are five frugal things I did.

Cut the dryer sheets in half

I know that vinegar is a natural alternative to dryer sheets but the family cannot stand the smell.  I’ve also tried cutting out dryer sheets altogether but there is too much static cling. Plus, I like the scent. To save on dryer sheets I cut them in half so the box lasts twice as long.

Saved the bacon grease

After cooking bacon for breakfast in the convection oven, I drained the bacon grease into a glass container and saved it. I’ve gotten good results using bacon grease to fry tortilla chips, eggs and even added it to beans. (Don’t do this if you are watching your cholesterol.)

Fixed a toilet valve

Our lease does not cover fixing broken toilet valve. Instead of calling for repairs, we watched a Youtube video and got the part for under $10. It took only around 20 minutes of work and now the toilet works just fine.

Bought a basil plant

I tried a recipe that required fresh basil. Instead of buying the cut herbs, I bought a basil plant for the same price. After cutting a few of the needed leaves, I replanted it and now I have basil whenever I need it.

Switched to a foaming soap dispenser

Hand soap runs out very quickly. So I got a foaming soap dispenser that is both decorative and economical. A foaming soap dispenser uses only about 1/4 the amount of soap but still retains enough cleaning power.

Simply fill 1/4 of the container with hand soap or even dish soap and add water. Shake it up and pump the dispenser once or twice to release the foam.

What did you do this weekend to save money?  Please share in the comments, as I am always looking for ways to save!


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  1. I bought root vegetables in bulk, for about the same price as buying only a few pounds of them. For example, where I live potatoes, beets, onions and carrots are for sale nearly everywhere. And ten pounds of them costs less than five dollars, nearly the same as what a few pounds cost. I roast beets, peel and pickle them with onions. I shred potatoes in the food processor, blanch them 3 minutes in salted boiling water, cool them in an ice bath and dehydrate them. The dehydrated shreds are then pulverised in the blender to a powder. This powder tastes great, and I use it in a lot of foods. Carrots, onion and celery are shredded the same way, spread out on a cookie sheet, scored and frozen. The frozen blocks are snapped apart and stored in freezer bags. A quick easy start on dinner many nights. Ham on sale is cubed, shredded and frozen in pint jars. Adding a bit of ham to many otherwise meatless meals seems like an easy way to make comfort food.

    1. Hi Mary, Buying in bulk and processing them right away for future meals is a great way to save money. Thanks for the comment!

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