Money Mondays: Want to Travel on a Budget? 8 Tips to Help You Do That

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Are you someone living in a rented apartment in a big city? Then you know how it is to pay for all the necessities and be left with almost nothing at the end of the month. It may seem that life is all about living paycheck to paycheck. Talk about a vacation and it seems to be a distant thing in the future,

I understand your pain and that is why I have curated a few tips that will help you go on a  vacation on a tight budget. Do not worry, even if you don’t have any savings right now, you can start saving by bringing simple changes in your habits and lifestyle and plan a vacation soon. Here we go!

Travel during off-season

Never, I repeat never, plan to travel during peak season. One, you will find all the accommodation options booked, and two, you will pay nearly double of what you would have otherwise, on accommodation and travel. Moreover, every place you go will be packed with tourists and your experience of the place will be spoiled. This is why you should never plan a trip during peak season. Every place will have different peak season depending on time of year and climate of the place, and it is advisable you do some research before planning your trip.

Plan ahead

Making last moment bookings burn a hole in your pocket. Not only do you spend extra, you also miss out on hot accommodation options, as they are all taken. So, if you wish to travel in the coming months, keep an eye on airline and hotel fares. You may be able to find some really nice deals or see an unexpected drop in fare. Be quick to book then and there, as these prices are not there for long. A little alertness can save you a lot of bucks.

Even if you do not see a drop, it is always economical to book your flight tickets in advance, as prices shoot up close to the departure date.

Public Transport

Ditch your private vehicle or private taxis for your commuting during travel. Public transport is undoubtedly the cheapest mode of transport that you can pay for. Unless, you are in a group and get a really nice deal, always opt for public transport to cut down on your travel expenses.

Eat local food

Wherever possible eat local food at local outlets. This way, you will get to savor the local cuisine of the place and blend in the local culture. You also save money on expensive dining in high-end restaurants. Consider various options by having a look at their menu before settling down on the cheapest one.

Record your daily spend

One way to really cut down your expenses is to note them down at the end of every day. This will bring to your notice your weak areas i.e. areas that you spend the most on. I understand that it gets really hard, sometimes, to resist the urge to pick that perfect souvenir out of an expensive shop, but knowing your weak points beforehand, will help you take a conscious decision and not a compulsive one.

Contact your relatives and friends

Yes yes, I know, you had not been talking to that cousin of yours for months now, but you do know right, that by telling her about your travel plans might save you loads. She might just offer you accommodation at her place, give you her bike or some really helpful information. You can even offer to pay for accommodation at her place, which would obviously cost you less than other options. Convincing enough?

Carry your own gear

If you are planning to go for adventure activities during the trip, it is always better to carry your own gear with you. Rented gear will cost you extra and often, you will end up not renting them. All at the cost of your fun! So, plan ahead and make sure to carry gear like trekking poles, streamlight flashlight, tent, and much more. This will help you make the most out of your trip at no additional cost.

Now you know that you do not need to win the lottery or slog for years to be able to afford a vacation. All you need is mindful planning, and a little caution and attention!

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