Off-Grid Coffee

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Imagine waking up one day, and finding the power is out. Your thoughts turn to what could have caused the outage, how long before power comes back and worry about your fridge full of food that might go bad. You crave your cup of java, but your coffee maker is out of commission. Now you’re frazzled, knowing you’ll soon be getting that caffeine withdrawal headache! Not a good way to start dealing with an emergency. I’m all for weaning myself from caffeine when I am good and ready, but not because I was forced by a crisis.

Today, we’re looking at ways to brew a tasty cup of coffee without electricity, using minimal equipment. Even if you never experience an emergency, knowing how to grind and brew coffee off-grid is a useful and enjoyable skill you can use when you spend time in the outdoors. You may even save money brewing your coffee at home instead of buying it from a barista.

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  1. Seriously, if you don’t know how to make coffee in a time without power, you have never been primitive camping, don’t know about instant coffee, or are completely unprepared!
    Making coffee is a primary fundamental!

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