A Reader Told Me about this Book: The Walk by Lee Goldberg

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One of the things I like about blogging is learning new stuff from readers’ comments.  A few weeks ago reader John N. recommended The Walk by Lee Goldberg.  Thanks John!  The book is about a guy who walks across Los Angeles after The Big Earthquake, the challenges he faces, various mishaps and what he ultimately figures out about his life.

The Walk is work of fiction, but anyone who has experienced an earthquake can relate.  It’s not a “survival” book; it is actually pretty funny in some places.  But it does let you imagine the extent of destruction and misery such an event would cause.  You won’t learn anything new about preparedness, but you can place yourself in the situations that he faces and decide what would you do under those circumstances.  I won’t give any more details in case you want to read the book.  The book is a fast read; I finished it in one weekend, and I did not spend the entire weekend reading.  There were no surprises about the ending, but all in all a worthwhile and entertaining book to read.

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