Pregnant Mom Protected Her Family with an AR-15

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I came across this story a couple of days ago and thought this is a great one to share and discuss with y’all.

Here’s what happened

According to BayNews9, 

The incident happened around 9 pm on a Wednesday night. Two masked men with pistols broke in through the back door of the home and immediately attacked the dad and his 11-year old daughter. He was pistol whipped and kicked repeatedly in the head, as his daughter was also being restrained. The men were demanding money.  The victim’s wife, who is eight months pregnant, was in another room. She took a peak and was shot at. She immediately grabbed their AR-15 from the bedroom and shot back at the men. She hit one and he ran out and died in a ditch. The other criminal ran away and a search is ongoing.

The husband had severe injuries from this attack: a concussion, a fractured eye socket and sinus cavity, 20 stitches and three staples in his head. This woman literally saved her family from these two home invaders who clearly threatened her family’s lives.

Criminals use shock and awe

In reading this story, you can tell the criminals worked very fast and hit hard. They immediately restrained the man and child as soon as they broke in. They were both armed with pistols. They got the man down on the ground quickly by pistol whipping him and kicking him repeatedly in the head. They were yelling for money.

An attack happens in seconds, as attackers know they have seconds to restrain you and get you to comply by using shock tactics.

She saved her family with the AR-15

These criminals were counting on intimidating and brutalizing the family as quickly as possible and getting whatever they wanted. What they did not count on was encountering this brave woman who was also well-armed. If she had not had a firearm, she would have been their next victim.

A firearm is an equalizer

There are other stories in which women are able to defend themselves and others with a gun.

Guns help women defend themselves against larger and possibly even multiple attackers. Used safely and responsibly, guns can provide protection and peace of mind.

Everyone needs a way to defend themselves if needed. If you are not in favor of firearms in the house, choose another means of defense.

What do you think of this story? What is your preferred means of defense?


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