How to Prep Like the Rich

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I recently came across such as Doomsday Prep for the Super Rich and a few others that say the elite are preparing for disaster.  Many are concerned about widespread unrest and other large scale catastrophes.   We’ve been writing about preparedness for some time now so I am not surprised.  Anyone who considers how dependent we are on technology, electricity, transportation and infrastructure quickly realizes our way of life can be interrupted by a sudden emergency.

We don’t all have the means to buy an underground bunker or an island as a bug out location, but there are a few things we CAN do.

How to Prepare Like the Rich

Improve your health

The article mentioned that the CEO of Reddit decided to have laser eye surgery to increase his chances of surviving a disaster.  That is actually not a bad idea.  If you are severely nearsighted, determined to be a good candidate for laser eye surgery and have the means, then why not?

Don’t put off elective surgeries and procedures – get them done while you have health coverage.

I am sure there are many people who may have been told by their doctor that they should get a certain procedure who have put it off for whatever reason.  If you need it, then consider getting it done while things are “normal.”  In a disaster (think Hurricane Katrina), medical facilities may be overwhelmed with patients and services may be limited.

I needed to have a wisdom tooth extracted so I got it over with.  It was a lot easier than expected and I wondered why I had waited.

Get insured and protect what you have

You should have the proper insurance to cover all the important aspects:  life, health, property and auto.  You should also consider flood insurance and/or earthquake insurance if your area is prone to these perils.  If a disaster were to happen, you will have some protection.

Staying in place

Sometimes you can stay where you are when a disaster happens.  But you need a plan to survive.  Here are some good posts to get you thinking:

How to Make a Realistic Bug In Plan

Preparing for an EMP

7 Ways You can Generate Power After a Disaster

Have a way out

One of the rich guys discussed in the article mentioned purchasing a motorcycle to get out of dodge.  You’ll need definitely need transportation if you need to get out of your location should the SHTF.

Read Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle for some ideas.  Also consider What to Do if Your Bug out Vehicle is Too Small

And don’t forget to plan on dealing with threats when you bug out.

Have a Plan A, B and C in the event that you have to leave town to avoid a pending catastrophe or your city becomes unsafe.  This can include a friend or relative in various cities or states.

Have a way to defend yourself

Many of the rich persons interviewed were stockpiling guns and ammo.   You need a way to defend yourself, and it can get expensive.  But if think ahead, you can budget and spend a reasonable amount to arm yourself.

Here are a couple of articles that can help:

How to Build a Complete Survival Armory for Less than $500

Need an AR but on a tight budget?  Build It!

Consider an Off Grid Property

The prepping rich all have remote locations they plan to run to in case of TEOTWAWKI.  I used to think having an off grid property was not an affordable option until I read these resources:

How to Embrace an Off Grid Lifestyle

Designing and Building an Affordable Prepper’s Hideaway

Living Off the Grid with Solar! 

Plan B: What To Do When Your Survival Shelter Has Been Compromised

Gear is Not Everything

Let’s not forget that having the best gear is not the only way to survive.  Having skills is just as important.   Learn how to build a fire in the outdoors, make a survival shelter .  Check out this interview with Survivorman Les Stroud. 

No one, not even the rich, can be 100% prepared for everything.  This post was meant to give you some ideas that you can apply to your own preparedness plan.   We can all do the best we can within our means to prepare and minimize risk.


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