Review of LUCI Solar Lantern

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Having very little space,  I am always interested in checking out products that are lightweight, space saving, and energy efficient.  I wanted to see if the LUCI solar lantern would deliver these potential benefits.

Here is my review of Luci Solar Lantern with photos:

The LUCI Lantern came in a very small mailing envelope.  It came intact and well packaged.  Here’s what it looked like right out of the mailing package.

Review of Luci Solar Lantern1

I opened up the cardboard packaging and found the instructions.  The lantern itself is very light and flat.  All the instructions were illustrated, The pictures are simple enough to follow, but being the anal person that I am, I had to go look them up.

Review of Luci Solar Lantern2

I also had some unanswered questions regarding the LUCI Lantern I thought it best to go to the source:  The package indicated the User Manual can be found here.

Review of Luci Solar Lantern5
I used a carbiner to hang the Luci on a small branch of a dwarf orange tree I keep in the enclosed patio.


  1. Turn the LUCI with the valve facing up.
  2. Open the valve and pinch the bottom while pulling up.  You can then blow into it to inflate it.
  3. Close the valve and push down.
  4. I used a carabiner as a way to hang the LUCI on a nail with the solar panels facing up.  Later in the day, as the sun moved, I hung the LUCI on a tree branch.
  5. According to the User’s Manual, eight hours of exposure would give it a full charge.
  6. After the eight hours were up, I took it back inside.  Now it’s ready to test.
  7. A button in between the solar panels turns it on.  One push gives a normal light, 2nd push gives it a bright light, 3rd push makes it a pulsing light and the 4th one turns it off.

How long does it last?

According to the User’s Manual, when Luci is set on lowest light setting it will provide light for up to 12 hours after a full charge.

What if you store it away after the first charge?

Luci holds a full charge for about three months when unused. After that,
it retains up to 50% of its charge for two years.
How long can it be expected to last?
Again according to the manual, it should last for two full years with constant everyday use, meaning you charge it daily and use it every night.
For an emergency light, I can see it will last for many years, as long as you don’t puncture it or place it near a fire.

What I thought of the Luci Solar Lantern

I think it is a nifty product.

  • I like that it is lightweight, so you can take it backpacking,
  • It uses very little space, since it deflates and flattens when not in use.
  • I also like that it runs on solar power, so no batteries are needed.

Review of Luci Solar Lantern3The only part that I think can be improved is the plastic strip handle across the top – I would have preferred it to be smaller strap that you can hook into.  However this is just a minor point that does not take away from the overall usefulness and efficiency of the product.  As you can see from the photo below, the light output is nice and bright, even at the normal setting.

Review of Luci Solar Lantern6
The Luci Solar Lantern at normal setting in a dark hallway

Overall I think it is a great product and would come in handy for either recreational or emergency use.  It is flat and lightweight enough I can take it backpacking.  And, it is reasonably priced for $14.99.  I think the Luci is worth a spot in the emergency kit.  It would also make a great gift, even for both prepper or non-prepper recipients.



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  1. Very cool. I own a few backyard solar lights, but nothing like that.

    If you want to go even lower tech, the UV Paq Lite pads are pretty impressive. They don’t cast a beam, but glow in the dark. They take a charge from any light source – sunlight, flashlight, flourescent and incandescent bulbed flashlights. Extremely lightweight and compact. Advertised life – forever. I’ve had my UV products for at least two years and have noticed no difference light quality – still going strong.

    Pretty nifty item – I hope this information helps someone.

  2. I have three of these, purchased through the Facebook ad from, what I assume is, a distributor. They’re charging $5 more.

    Mine came with no documentation whatsoever and is not branded to be the Luci. However, the device is identical. It comes with a charge, but I set them out on the porch to charge all day. I then let one run overnight. It had died by morning, but that didn’t concern me.

    This thing does put out some light! The lack of full overnight doesn’t bother me, because unlike my homemade night lights, this one has a power switch. Whether camping or enduring a blackout, it won’t be on all night. Just until time to crawl into the sleeping bags.

    It took me a while to figure out the red micro-button was the power switch. Directions weren’t really necessary, but would have been helpful.

    Let’s just say I’ll likely pick up a few more. I have them fully charged now and waiting for three months to see what they do.

    Thanks for your review, Bernie!

    1. Hi Mark, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of light it generates. Directions should’ve been included with yours- they are simple but not self-explanatory. I do like them and will pick up a few more. Thanks for the comment!!

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