Review of Apocalypse Drift by Joe Nobody and Book Giveaway

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Apocalypse Drift This post is by Bernie Carr,

I recently finished reading Joe Nobody’s new novel, Apocalypse Drift.  The book deals with the aftermath of an economic collapse, that was triggered by a cyber attack.  We see the main characters’ struggle for survival in the ensuing chaos.  I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but instead share my impressions of the book.

Too Close for Comfort

The backdrop of the story, with the economy already weak and a formerly upper middle class family caught in a downward spiral had me thinking about real events and real people.  The characters are well defined and their predicament is believable.  I could not help but look at parallels with current headlines.

Fast paced

The story moves along at a good clip and the book is hard to put down.  I spent all my free time reading it and finished it in a couple of days.

Now for the minuses

I have to admit that since I am not into sailing, I rushed through some of the nautical descriptions as this is not something I personally can relate to.

The book describes a possible solution to the economic ills, which sounds plausible to me, however, I cannot see things getting resolved as quickly as they did in the book.  Perhaps I am more pessimistic, but that’s just me.

A Worthwhile Read

I enjoyed the story overall.  The events described are realistic and well thought out.  As an after effect of reading a Joe Nobody book, I started revisiting my own preparations mentally and double-checking my emergency plans.   And that is always a good thing.

Book Giveaway!

For a chance to win a copy of Apocalypse Drift, leave a comment below on either one of the following:

  • What is your favorite Joe Nobody book and why?
  • If you have never read a Joe Nobody book, what is your favorite SURVIVAL FICTION book?

The winner* will be chosen at random on Saturday, May 4th at 8 pm Central.  Good luck!  I look forward to reading your comments.

*Winner will be notified via email.  Winner must reply to email notification within 48 hours or another winner will be drawn.


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  1. My favorite peice of apocalypse fiction would have to be “One Second After”. The story seems plausible and well researched, while the characters are relateable.

  2. I have not read any of Joe Nobody’s books but they look interesting.
    When I was younger I enjoyed Jerry Ahern’s Survivalist series and William Johnstone’s Ash books. Currently I have read all the books by James Wesley Rawls. These I enjoyed greatly. In addition, I was scared after reading “One Second After”.

  3. One of my favorites is The Road Home by Andrew Baze. Why? Because it’s something that preteens can read as well as the rest of their family members. The kids will get into the story because it pretty much centers on them being counted on when both dad’s mishap and the earthquake happen. There isn’t sex, gore, or foul language. There are hundreds of tips throughout the book yet it’s doesn’t feel like the survival manual of many other survival books.

  4. Haven’t read Joe Nobody yet, but have been planning to. Favorite survival fiction book right now? “Lights Out” by David Crawford. Feels real and not forced, with no magical ‘super survivalist’ waiting to take over when trouble comes. Also like “One Second After” (William Forstchen), “77 Days in September (Ray Gorham), and “Going Home (A. American). Plus alot others that I won’t bother to list here.

  5. The first survival book I read was “My Side of the Mountain.” I think the first time I read it I was in the 6th grade. That was a long time ago. I also have the movie it was made into on dvd. The book was encouraging and educational for me as a kid.

    I also enjoyed watching “A Cry in the Wild” which is the film adaptation of “Hatchet.”

    I still like watching both movies.

  6. I have never read a “Joe Nobody” book..yet..”One second after” rates as my
    favorite (great read) and “The Jarkarta pandemic” comes in a close second.
    Having sailing experience, I plan on reading “Apocalypse Drift”…well now that
    iv’e heard good things from this site!

  7. I liked One Second After for its sheer, depressing, realism but Danielle Kidnapped has a special place in my heart with a super bad-ass heroine!

  8. I’m new to the Joe Nobody books but my favorite tale of survivalist fiction is the classic “Alas, Babylon”. Maybe not in the same tone as the modern-day survival fiction, but still has some valuable lessons within.

  9. I have only read the first Holding Their Own. Was waiting for the sequel, ha ha, I guess I can read the next 3 now. As noted by others, Lights Out, One Second, and 77 Days in September. Right after I finished One Second, I didn’t read anything else until I located and read Alas Babylon. That one scares just as much now as when I read in the 80’s.

  10. I just read Holding Your Ground, Preparing for Defense if It All Falls Apart and it was fantastic. He was realistic, calm, smart, and even had an algorithm for figuring out how safe/not safe your property was. And each chapter he addressed ways on making it more secure, and how that would adjust your tally of your own place. I’d love to read anything by Joe Nobody!

  11. I’ve never read a Joe Nobody book. My favorite survival fiction is a tie between Farnham’s Freehold by Robert Heinlein and The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. I’ll definitely have to check out Joe Nobody though, hopefully for free!

  12. Since everyone is voting for One Second After, which is an incredible book, I will vote for Lucifer’s Hammer (Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle) instead.

  13. I am a real Joe Nobody fan. He offers technical survival manuals that address a variety of preparedness issues. But for me, the novels are the best. I love the way he weaves prepper practical tips into the story line, illustrating their importance without preaching. Gripping and compelling novels with so many great lessons. Can’t wait to read Apocalypse Drift!

  14. I have not read any books by Nobody. I have read One Second After and am currently reading a series by Terri Blackstock: Last Light, Night Light, True Light and Dawn’s Light. These are my favorites so far. One Second After was a bit more frightening and it is the book that started me on the road to prepping. The series by Blackstock re-emphasizes my need to prep. It also has a bit of romance, drama and crime. All of which I suppose is possible in the SHTF times that we could experience. I have a pretty good background in herbal medicine, making my own cosmetics and wildcrafting. All I believe will help in the times to come.

  15. I did like One Second After, but I haven’t read any survival-fiction that I just loved. Does 1984 by George Orwell count? I frequently find myself thinking of that story while watching current events unfolding. It’s creepily prophetic sometimes.

  16. I have read the first three books in the series of “Holding their own”. What I like about the series is that in the first two books it was relatable, then in the third book it became Ramboesque. It just really wasn’t as realistic. With that said, I could not put any of the three books down and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys survival fiction. I will also be purchasing the next book in the series and any after that because it is so well written.

  17. Good call Tammy. Lucifer’s was awesome; I completely forgot about mentioning that book. I’m also 3/4 through Stephen King’s “The Stand.” So far it’s very good.

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