Security and Home Alarms for Your Apartment

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I mentioned a while back that there had been a couple of burglaries in our apartment complex.  I spoke to building management to get the scoop on the latest one.  He said there is usually an increase in theft during the summer months, especially when there are teens with nothing better to do so be on the lookout.    He said tenants  are responsible for making their apartments more secure as long as the changes don’t violate the terms of the lease.   Renters should always consider ways to make their apartments more secure.

Security and Home Alarms for Your Apartment

Written by Michael Williams

Home security isn’t just for people who own homes. Although you live in an apartment, you can also enjoy the security and peace of mind a home alarm provides. And when you move you can easily take your alarm system with you.

Keeping your belongings safe and your peace of mind intact isn’t out of reach for the apartment dweller. In fact, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to maintaining the safety of your home. Your choices vary from very effective and user friendly wireless alarms to simple timers to deter intruders while you are away.

Wireless Alarm Systems

You don’t need uniformed professionals to install a home alarm system. Many inexpensive models are do-it-yourself friendly and can be installed in a relatively short period of time. However, if you prefer, many alarm companies can also install wireless systems for you in an apartment. For an extra monthly fee, these companies can even provide a monitoring agency to monitor your system around the clock.

Many alarm systems that you can install yourself rival those of a professional alarm company.  These systems come with multiple sensors which include small devices for monitoring your doors and windows. Some even include motion detectors, which are great for placing in a hallway, unless you have pets. To install a wireless system usually requires nothing more than a roll of strong double sided tape.

All of the components of this type of alarm are wireless and rely on Wi-Fi or other wireless technology.  Some systems even come with wireless cameras.  Prices for a complete security system range anywhere from around $100 for a basic system up to over $500 for an elaborate system. Good systems can be found for around $200.

Additional Security Measures

If your landlord is opposed to even the simplest security system, you still have a number of solutions to help protect your apartment from intruders.

Safety entry alarms.   For a few dollars, you can place an alarm on your door. This battery operated device sounds an ear piercing alarm if the door is opened.

Video surveillance. You don’t need a complete security system to monitor your apartment with a camera. Web cam manufacturers are getting into the home security business with cameras that will keep an eye on your apartment.

For a very basic video surveillance system, look into downloading free software that will turn the Web cam on your computer into a remote monitoring device. Some will automatically send email messages when the software picks up unusual activity.

Electronic watchdog alarms. Keep an angry dog in a little box. All you have to feed it is electricity. These alarms detect a person’s presence through doors, glass, and walls. When the alarm is triggered, the sound of a ferocious dog bark makes the intruder reconsider his plans.

Fake TV deterrent. This small device simulates the flickering light and colors of a television.  It comes with a light sensor and timer and looks like someone is watching television while you are out of the apartment.

Light timers. These inexpensive units plug into the wall. A light is then plugged into the unit and the timer is set to come on and off.

About the author:   Michael Williams, is an enthusiastic purveyor of home security supplies. He has been writing about home safety, security and theft prevention, while also supplying home alarms to those who need them.


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  1. No matter where you live, it is important to keep your belongings safe. The truth is, security systems are always installed as a precaution. The goal is to never need it, but if something does happen, it’s nice to have the extra security.

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