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can of Spam

This post is by Bernie Carr,

For anyone who has never tried Spam, it is a canned meat by Hormel, made of pork shoulder and ham.  It looks like a pink brick when you first take it out of the can.  A lot of people hate it, but there are a great number of fans out there.   My parents actually introduced me to Spam.  Since they were kids during World War II, they grew up eating Spam as a special treat.  Meat was scarce back then so having a little meat, even from a can, was a good thing.  My Mom made me Spam and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread up until high school when I got too “grown up” to bring Mom’s lunches to school.

When our family visited Hawaii a few years ago, we found fast food places like McDonald’s actually served Spam, egg and rice for breakfast. We tried it and it was pretty good.  They love Spam they actually had a Spam Festival.

There are lots of ways to cook Spam, but here are my favorites. 

Spam and rice 

Slice Spam into thin slices.  Fry in a bit of oil until browned and sprinkle sugar on top, and a few drops of soy sauce.  Serve with scrambled eggs and white rice. 

Breakfast sandwich

Make a breakfast sandwich with Spam, a fried egg and American cheese between two pieces of sliced bread.

I’ve had good results pan-frying Spam as well as cooking it on the grill, oven or convection oven.   I know it comes fully cooked but I prefer is cooked crisp and slightly browned.

This is not a paid endorsement and I have no connection to Hormel.  I am always on the lookout for inexpensive foods with have a good shelf life that the family likes.  It comes in various flavors such as bacon, black pepper, turkey, jalapeno and hickory smoke.  I think Spam is a worthy addition to the larder, as it is actually pretty tasty if you cook it the right way.


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  1. Hot-n-Spicy Spam is my favorite. There is nothing like a fried spam sandwich with sautéed onions, cheese and mustard. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. There are many ways to enjoy Spam. It is good to have it on hand. The turkey Spam is pretty good too; my second favorite.

    I appreciate the article,your research and writing. Hope you have a great week.

    1. Hi Bill, I like sauteed onions on burgers, so they must be good on Spam too! Thanks for the kind comment.

  2. My kids were on there own for dinner tonight and made there favorite spam with Mac n cheese and corn. My favorite would have to ne spam musabi a spam wishing.

  3. I like Spam, I also buy Treat brand, it’s the same thing and I think it’s a bit better and it cost a bit less. But both are good. It’s nice to have meat I can store and use for camping that I don’t have to pressure can to have for use. Right out of the can it’s not that good, but fried up in a pan it’s tasty. When camping my son actually likes it more then canned ham mixed into scrambled eggs.


  4. My family likes Spam & pineapple……Dice Spam and brown in skillet. Next add a can of drained pineapple chunks, sprinkle with a little brown sugar, an a pinch of
    cloves. Cook until done to your liking. Sometimes I also add the pineapple juice and cook until reduced. 1 Tbsp. Of rice vinegar is nice too. Serve on rice.

    1. Hey Pat, hmmm, haven’t considered Spam with pineapple. Will have to try that. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  5. I was over at my local Big Lots today and Spam was selling for $2.25 a can, the Treet brand was selling for $1.30 a can. I bought several at that price and plan on rotating them out.

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