Stuck Indoors with No Food – Apartment Nightmare

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Written by Bernie Carr

Just a quick post today, as I share a piece of news I came across.

Apartment dwellers running out of food

I saw an eerie video of apartment dwellers in Shanghai screaming from their balconies after being stuck for seven days with no food. The combination of many voices, some yelling, some singing combine to make a collective wailing noise that goes on. In the midst of the sounds a drone intones a message they need to resist their souls desire for freedom and stop doing that.

What happened?

The city of Shanghai with around 27 million people has been placed on another lockdown as the Omicron variant has been spreading rapidly. China has a policy of zero cases. Before the lockdown took effect, grocery stores shelves were emptied of supplies as residents rushed to buy food. Many unlucky shoppers left empty handed as the shelves quickly became bare.

Footage posted to Twitter showed people in the locked-down city banging pots on their balconies to decry a lack of food and other items, France24 reported.

“We want supplies,” the quarantined residents reportedly chanted.

Source: NYPost
In many countries around the world, people shop for food almost daily as they buy fresh ingredients at the market. They rarely stock up on frozen of canned food. They also get fresh food delivered.

Due to the lockdown, residents now have to wait for deliveries from the government for food such as vegetables, meat, and eggs, as well as water. Unfortunately, the system got overwhelmed and deliveries were backed up.

What can we learn from this?

As an apartment dwellers, we need to be prepared for any unforeseen events, whether natural or manmade. I know several families who eat out daily and rarely keep any food at home. Now that many restrictions have been lifted, they are back to their old habits.

We’ve already seen what happens when stores run out of supplies, such as the toilet paper shortage a few months ago. Now the supply chain is even tighter. I’m not saying this will happen here, I don’t have a crystal ball that’ll tell me what’s in the future. It’s just prudent to be prepared. I advise all my readers to stock up and build a pantry while we have the opportunity to do so. Check out my articles on storing food here.

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Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

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  1. Skills, dozens of them, are the #1 prep. Food storage is #2. Gardening and repair tools are #3 … Backpacks, gizmos, ammo, and firearms are a distant #72.

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